1. I am going to make a machine that once it hears a toilet flush it will yell, "WASH YOUR HANDS!"

    This won't just be for the littles, but the adults as well. Yuck. I only have a handful of kids that use my restroom and I have to remind almost all of them to wash, so I can only imagine what goes on (or doesn't) in the other restrooms.

    And the the ones that don't flush, maybe a sensor? Once you cross the threshold of the stall it will yell "WASH EM! WASH EM REAL GOOD!" Or something like that.

    What about you all? Any inventions you wish we had to make things a little easier, or cleaner?
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  3. by   BeckyESRN
    I wrote the following, in big red letters, on the 2 mirrors in my bathroom:
    Did you...
    Wash your hands?

    I have 3 older kids that use my restroom because of either shy bladder or behavior issues in the multi-stall restrooms and I cannot believe how gross they are!
  4. by   kidzcare
    Quote from BeckyESRN
    I wrote the following, in big red letters, on the 2 mirrors in my bathroom:
    Did you...
    Wash your hands?
    this makes me think of my wonderful daughter (now 8) at age 5 running to the bathroom for a BM emergency and running out about 10 seconds later. I asked her "How did you have time to wash your hands??" She let me know it was not necessary because she did wipe. I marched her back in
  5. by   OyWithThePoodles
    I did the signs, and it's like they don't even see them. I even had to put one up that says "Dry Your Hands", because for the few that do wash, they never dry.
  6. by   mom to many
    Quote from SullyRN
    I am going to make a machine that once it hears a toilet flush it will yell, "WASH YOUR HANDS!"
    I will be one of the first in line to buy it!! I say this SO MANY times every day! My school does have automatic flushing. It is great, but there are a few draw backs. Several of our Pre-K students are scared of it because it is loud and forceful. Also, no proof of vomiting. So all my kiddos that are FFs know they are really sick and have to vomit in a garbage can for an adult to see it.
  7. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    I feel like this is the thread I can once again share the awesome CDC poop poster
  8. by   OyWithThePoodles
    Yes, my daughter is afraid of them as well. For a couple of the autistic kiddos I will suggest to them that they put a couple of plys over the sensor, that way they can determine when the toilet will flush and prepare themselves.
  9. by   tining
    Ice maker that automatically bags the ice!

    Another version of the wash your hands idea - a door that will not open until the toilet was flushed, sink water turned on, soap dispenser used, and the finally the towel dispenser used! With a dribble on the seat sensor as well.

    A parent's phone that sends an automatic "new number" notice to school.

    A door sensor that takes everyone's temperature as they enter. Lights flash, spotlighted student, alerting "Infected, Infected, go to nurse immediately, do not hug friends, do not share pencils, do not collect perfect attendance!"

    I am ready for Shark Tank!
  10. by   cooties_are_real
    Oh, yes. Last year the ladies in the front office called me desperate for me to intervene some how. We had a gentleman using the staff's men restroom and would walk out without washing his hands. They both would gag when he would go in use the restroom, then leave without washing his hands. About the only thing I could do was find fliers to put over the toilet.
  11. by   OyWithThePoodles
    Quote from tining
    I am ready for Shark Tank!
    I like the ice! And the dribble on the toilet!!! Those are needed everywhere, nothing worse than standing up with a wet tush.
    Definitely with the new number alert. And the temperature sensor... this is genius. Maybe we could at some sort of sensor to their seats, that way as soon as the Tylenol wears off it will alarm.
  12. by   BeckyESRN
    We could also benefit from some sort of magical system that each child has to walk through every morning that kills head lice, a giant blow dryer or magical light type deal. It doesn't need to kill the flu virus or anything, just lice, that's all parents care about...
  13. by   Flare
    How about a mechanism where the bathroom door doesn't unlock unless the toilet is flushed, hands are hashed and the sink is turned all the way off!!
  14. by   scuba nurse
    OMG YES! I need one that says "FLUSH the toilet, you are NOT at home"!
    I say that about 9 million times a day! Seriously, do people NOT flush at home?
    And then the hand wash one as well! Drives me crazy!!