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:no: Seriously???? How can I even float the idea of staying to a 6 year-old who was told this by her mom upon arriving at school today? The kid is FINE. A little flushed, afebrile, nothing... Read More

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    Wish I could double like your post!

    We do come here to vent and to get support from other school nurses. (I also come here to check my sanity in some situations! )

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    Sigh. This is vent thread. I feel like so many people visit our board, see our vent thread, and proceed to preach to us, more so than on any other vent threads on this site. </end rant>

    To your point, I have called home for a pick-up for a non-frequent flier that was clearly not feeling well at 245 - dismissal is at 3. Parent wanted to me just let the student take public transportation home, but student was experiencing severe nausea and public transportation is a nightmare with that.

    I waited 2+ hours after school for parent to arrive after work while the student rested on my cot. I would do the same any truly sick child. This thread isn't about those kids.

    While it can come across as cynical in this thread, it - again - because it is a vent thread. We typically post here so we can talk about this things and NOT become cynical in our practice. We don't have a physical nursing station.

    I have dug deeper for reasoning when a student is visiting a lot and trying to skip school. Believe me - I bring others into the loop. But sometimes, it is something I can't help much with - like yes, a student does not like math and does not understand it, or may not be doing well in it. I pass that info along. And sometimes, kids just want to be home playing video games instead of in math class, which they understand just fine, but find way less exciting than video games.
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    I live in an affluent town and there are so many classmates to my kids who get pulled out of school numerous times a year for family vacations. While I understand the cost of travel at times other than the standard February and April vacations is significantly less, most of these families can afford to travel during peak times. We know three families who pull their kids out for two weeks per year to do a week at Disney and a week skiiing in the Spring. So these kids are missing 10 days of school, not including any days missed for illness. My neighbor across the street has a daughter in my daughter's class (third grade) who has already missed a MONTH of school. Most of the days she was pulled for random trips, but her mother is also one who lets her stay home for any little sniffle and "mental health days". What 9 year-old needs mental health days that often, if at all? I am dying to ask her what the school says about it but I know it isn't my business.
    In my town, they don't want to be on vacation at the same time the rest of us...
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    And yesterday ,the kid who looked and felt absolutely miserable, came down. With a little prodding, he told me he had vomited multiple times during the night, but did not wna tot have to make up the work. Fibber McGibber. Mom ratted him out when I called for him to be picked up...

    " I knew you were going to call me, he hasn't missed a day of school since 4th grade".

    Thanks for sharing your cooties, NOT!
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    Do you all work in public schools? My kids go to private school and they value the parents as the primary decision makers. They play a supportive role but always defer to the parent on matters such as these. In the absence of a chronic truancy situation, honoring parental preferences and maintaining sincere compassion for the student will serve everyone the best.
    Yeah, most of us are public school and in public school, if a kid misses school, the school looses money. Parents can make the call prior to sending kids to school, if you send your kid to school, and they're not sick enough to be excluded, I'm keeping them in school unless I assess they really are too miserable to stay. If a parent calls me (or stops by to see me in the morning) and requests I call them if kid comes in complaining, I will generally do so.. but not the kid that comes in 5 minutes after the bell saying, "my mom said if I don't feel good you'll call her so I can go home". Sorry, too many kids do this. If your kid is sick, keep them home. If you want me to keep an eye on them, call me. Otherwise, if kid doesn't have a fever or other communicable disease, isn't showing evidence of breathing distress, or vomiting/diarrhea out the wazoo.. chances are, I'm sending them back to class.