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  1. Al Kalosis

    Order of Credentials

    It's an opinion, but it's also a rationale. Please explain, how is it not? You assume that I assume the worst. Not true. Just giving an example of why, for myself (not necessarily for you or for Susie Q), the license is the most important piece, and should be listed first. An equally illustrative example would be that a former nurse who changed careers cannot provide patient care as a RN. The same principle applies. I still consider my license to be the most important credential, and still choose to list it first. You and Susie are free to list your credentials in whichever order you choose. "What's between the ears" is never listed as a credential, so it is irrelevant to a discussion regarding the ordering of credentials. Experience and other qualities fit nicely on a resume, but there just isn't room in someone's professional title. And yes, a person who "despises" nurses who do not list their credentials in the same order that she does, is small-minded, petty, and deserves to be offended, gratuitous or not. By the way, your response to this light-hearted post seems needlessly hostile. Why?
  2. Al Kalosis

    Order of Credentials

    On another social media forum, someone asked a question about order of credentials in a resume or signature, etc. A needlessly heated debate ensued. One nurse went so far as to say she "despises" nurses who list their credentials incorrectly. For real? The ANCC states that the "preferred order" is highest degree, then license, and so on. Note the word "preferred." Not "required." Their rationale is that a degree is permanent, while a license can be revoked, or deliberately not renewed, and is therefore less permanent. While I appreciate this logic, I choose to list my credentials differently. My rationale is that the license is the most important, because the license is needed to provide patient care. Someone with a BSN who never passed the NCLEX cannot provide patient care as a RN, for example. And now that I know listing my credentials "incorrectly" will offend small-minded people, I see it as a bonus.
  3. Al Kalosis

    PMHNP program - please help me choose

    Thanks for the responses, folks. It looks like there is a pretty clear consensus. I'm still hung up on the school requiring re-taking of courses - and no, they will not waive these courses, I have asked. Plus I was mistaken about the cost. Faulty math on my part - turns out the DNP program is about twice the cost. Wondering if anyone with experience having to acquire their own preceptors could discuss this. Are the pros associated with not having to find a preceptor really worth the cons of this program?
  4. Brick & mortar DNP program or online MSN program? The DNP program is 3 years, the school finds preceptors for the students. The MSN program is 2 years, students must find preceptors themselves. Cost is approximately the same. Both are reputable programs. One additional factor is the DNP program will make me take multiple classes I have already taken recently at the same school, for no apparent reason. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Al Kalosis

    Doctor upset by charting

    The only assumption I've made is that the OP's statement is accurate. The physician's disapproval of the quotation is reasonable. There are valid concerns regarding the use of direct quotes by the nurse, as you have described. However, the physician "demanded" (according to the OP) that this information, observed and reported by the nurse, be removed from a legal document. I stand by my accusations.
  6. Al Kalosis

    Doctor upset by charting

    Expressing one's concern and demanding (according to the OP) that information be removed from a legal document are not in the same ballpark.
  7. Al Kalosis

    Doctor upset by charting

    A lot of people seem to be trying to validate or invalidate the actions of the nurse, but this is not really the question here. There may be valid reasons for quoting or not quoting in chart notes, and had any of us been in a similar situation, our actions may have aligned with this nurse's actions, or not. The question is: Is it acceptable for a physician to demand that a nurse remove part of his or her charting based on personal vanity? This particular doctor is a narcissist and a bully. He is accustomed to amassing control by threatening and intimidating others. His behavior was unacceptable, and it is no exaggeration to say that he is dangerous.
  8. Al Kalosis

    Workplace Drug Test

    Hair is typically used when there is some sort of dispute. For example, lab results are positive and an employee or patient insists it must be a false positive. Hair tests can reveal the use of certain substances for a longer period of time than urine. It can be more expensive depending on the method of urine testing (cost of urine testing is highly variable depending on the sophistication of the machinery used). Metabolites of chemicals excreted in urine vary in the amount of time they remain in the body. Of the illicit chemicals, THC remains in urine the longest, from one week to about one month, whereas the metabolite specific to heroin (6-monoacetylmorphine) is gone within a few hours after using. Personally, I have always had to provide urine samples to be considered for minimum wage unskilled labor positions, but for my current nursing position...not a drop.
  9. Al Kalosis

    Nursing @ 32?

    Hello Firstina, have you looked into accelerated BSN programs? These programs focus on the core nursing courses (no electives, humanities, or fluff courses) and you can earn a BSN in a little over a year. They require that you have a previous Bachelor's degree, which, as a biochemist, I'm guessing you do.
  10. Al Kalosis

    Lifespan without Psych 101

    Maybe it is a misprint in your school's catalog? Try to register for it and see what happens. If you can find an online version, this will save you some time - Lifespan Psych is not a course for which you need a brick & mortar classroom. Good luck.
  11. Al Kalosis

    Baby vs no baby... help!

    If you're like most people - full of unwarranted hubris - then by all means, force another poor soul to be a part of this doomed, miserable, violent species. However, if you have an ethical bone in your body, wait until you're ready and seriously consider adoption.
  12. Al Kalosis

    NP in Michigan. Info needed ASAP.

    Not necessarily.
  13. Al Kalosis

    Relationship with patient?

    "Hi, it's me, Nurseklingon, your favorite handsome student. Still wanna hook up? What was that clicking sound? Is this being recorded? Well sure, I know what extortion means, what's that got to do with anything?" Ah, forbidden love.
  14. Al Kalosis

    I'm loving Community Health nursing

    Congrats on finding a path you enjoy. This post resonates with me, as I am also a newly licensed nurse and also disinclined to seek a career in hospital nursing. I am leaning towards community health as well. There are a couple of FQHCs in my area, but they are not currently seeking nurses. Wondering if anyone has advice on where else to look for these kinds of opportunities?
  15. Al Kalosis

    Health Care is Not a Right

    Yup. This can not be reiterated enough.
  16. Al Kalosis

    Health Care is Not a Right

    Way to deflect. If you can't answer the question, please admit that your so-called morality is provisional and based solely on whether or not the beneficiary of social services is yourself or someone else.