Hi all, let's review some basic terminology since there seems to be some confusion...

Choice is not equivalent to infinite choice. If you are conflating the two, please stop. The absence of infinite choice is not equivalent to force. "But I'm being forced to get vaccinated!" If this sounds like the kind of thing that comes out of your mouth and keyboard on a regular basis, knock it off, okay?

As an analogy, you can choose to drink ten beers, and you can choose to drive a motor vehicle. But in a society that (sort of) values public health, you cannot choose to do both simultaneously without consequences.

Likewise, you can choose to remain unvaccinated or you can choose to work in healthcare. If you are one of the healthcare workers (*ahem, nurses, cough cough*) who insist that you are being "forced" to get the vaccine, please review this terminology after you've removed your head from you-know-where. Thanks.