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I was wondering if anyone had any information about this school. Their program is fairly new and not accredited as of yet. So, im kinda skeptical about this program. It would be nice if someone could respond to this that is in... Read More

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    My main problem with this program is that it is way too expensive. They are good at separating people from their money. I should know-I went there for my surgical tech degree, which I am still paying off-my nursing degree was much, much cheaper.

    But, hey, I guess we all take different paths. I know waiting lists can sure get old fast.
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    Quote from BellaLee0103
    Also...RIC's School of Nursing is anything but broke, we just recieved a very large grant. My clinical groups have never been over 7 students to a teacher, and my professors are awesome. Yes it is a difficult program to get into, IT SHOULD BE, but it is not impossible at all if you have a brain!

    The "LABS" at New England Tech maybe better, which I hope they would be for the insane amount of money they are charging, you better get the top of line SIM dummy! That being said...I get experience with simulation and most importantly REAL LIVE PATIENTS, you cant get that in a lab.

    Just out of curiosity where do you all plan on working? Forget hospitals or any outpatient clinics associated with hospitals, forget anything in the pediatric, maternity or critical care fields.
    This is not true-ADNs work in all areas. Including peds, maternity, ICU, ER and the OR. My coordinator is a diploma nurse. A funny story..we had a representative from RIC come to the hospital to tout the RN-BSN program. I stopped by the booth and she asked where I worked. I told her I work in the OR, she says in a shocked tone.."as a NURSE?". LOL, she was kind of a dingbat, to be honest. She really looked confused when I told her I was the charge nurse..
    Maybe she's the one telling people that only BSNs work in certain areas? Anyway, that info is flat out WRONG. And that dingbat lady was one of the reasons I decided to not go with RIC as my BSN program. I don't have time for that kind of snobbery.

    Bella, They've been saying for decades that they're going to make the BSN the minimum level for entry into nursing..hasn't happened yet. the only reason I'm doing it is if I would like later to pursue a NP or CRNA program. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother. RI hospitals are not going to pay the BSN anymore money than an ADN or a diploma nurse.
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    I second the comments from Gadget. The pedi office my niece goes to has Adns and even a few Lpns. My sister has an ADN & has worked ICU. I have an LPN and have been looking at RN schools. My biggest reason for wanting an ADN vs cert is that I'm planning on relocating out west. Every job I would want, all say strongly prefer or want ADN or higher.
    The Don at my facility told me, if she has to decide between 2 RNs with equal experience and one with an ADN the other has a Cert. Unless she is really familiar with the school, she'll always take the ADN. Of course that's a psyche place, a hospital might be a different story.
    Additionally, my Lpn instructors (2 of them started their career with RN certs) encouraged us to choose ADN over cert program. Their rationale was if you go on from RN to BSN you are likely to get accepted more readily if you have a ADN.

    Maybe if you are going to stay in New England and can reap the benefit of St Joe's rep and don't want to wait centuries for a spot on CCRI's wait list, then
    St. Joe's is OK. Even so I'd hate to spend 3 years getting a cert to get my RN, when I can go 2 years, get an ADN and have more upside for the future.
    Lastly Nclex-rn pass rate at St Joe's only 81% class of 2009 ( Maybe they did not change curriculum quickly enough to keep pace with Nclex changes?? Hopefully their 2010 class did better.

    Just my two cents.
    FYI I'm from Mass
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    I find this intresting as seasoned LPN who has worked pulmonary step down, med surg, a travel nurse, ED, long term care, ect and now in acute psy setting.
    I am choosing NETECH for the speed. This is a long time goal put off by raisng children and being a caregiver to my spouce for years who passed away with huntingtons disease two years ago.
    The reason of my choice for NET is simple I like the program, the speed, convience and class size. If I finish in 2 years and on the higher end of the pay scale it will take 2 years to make the difference up in what I paid for school. While CCRI, RIC,URI ect......those schools with long waiting list I would still be in class .
    If your young, mom still paying your way yes go the BA route.
    Having worked with nurses with educations from all types of learn, book knowledge is your back ground but until you hit the floor for a few years you realize how little you really know. After a few years it becomes natural, you move then think.
    In pulmonary stepdown we dealt with vents and codes almost daily, and you need the ability to react with a second nature. We dreaded a new grad witha BA so little schooling in patient care compared to other programs. A LPN does 18 hours of clinical a week in my home state for 13 months with only 3 weeks off in that time for breaks. The AD program did that much in 2 years.....the BA were strong in management but weak in patient care.
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    I was accepted into NEIT's Nursing Program March of 2011. At first I was very excited to begin my new journey and then everything turned..
    Let me start out by saying I am a previous graduate of NEIT with an "Associates in Science" from the Clinical Medical Assistant department. I was also over charged for this "degree" costing me almost $30,000 to become a medical assistant working next to people making the exact same amount as myself $12.00 an hour and from the Sawyer School or Lincoln Tech. I returned to the school to try to reach my goal of becoming a RN.
    Only 2 classes from my degree from their school was useful in this program from the same school as well. I struggled in A&P lecture and lab but pulled it off, NEIT nursing program requires a 78 avg or better in order to stay in their program in ALL classes not just Nursing. I managed to pass my hardest classes but slacked off on the easiers one because I was concentrating so much on the others. I missed my Nursing 1010 class by 3 points!! This means you have to REPEAT THE QT. thats right not just the class but the entire QT along with another QT's tuition fee of $8,000 all because of 3 points. Now once you "fail" a class once that is your only chance your next grade under a 78 YOU ARE OUT OF THE PROGRAM AND YOUR MONEY!!!! there are 7 Qt's total so if you fail once like I did in QT 1 and then fail in QT 6 you are OUT of the program, out about $42,000 and your credits. THEY TELL YOU THEIR CREDITS ARE TRANSFERABLE BUT THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!! I took my loss and ran after the first Qt, and began back again at CCRI. When I met with an advisor and the transcripts person who decides what can be transferred in they only took Comp 1 and Mixed Media out of 8 Qt of classes ( from my prev education there) I am starting all over again working towards a REAL ASSOCIATES DEGREE because NO OTHER SCHOOLS CONSIDER NEIT'S ASSOC DEGREES ACTUAL DEGREES! I am now 26 years old and $30,000 in debt from student loans, THANKS NEIT if you go to their new school in east greenwich you will see where all the tuition money really goes, to the flat screen TVs hanging on the walls as you walk in to tell you what the weather is, to the $500 chairs that the staff sit in, yeah SCREW YOU NEIT
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    I was tempted to shell out the now-$50,000 (in the form of loans, of course). But suddenly I was accepted by CCRI which made all of my plan Bs moot, happily. I start January 2012. When's orientation? No one gives me any answers around here. Any helpful tidbits would certainly be welcomed.

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    I dont understand why people would want to pay that absurd amount for a nursing degree when ccri only costs around 9-10,000 in all. And IMHO MA schools are so useless, my sister went to lincoln tech for her MA and paid 13,000 and the cap off is like $13/hour if that. When you can pay LESS money for an ADN. It boggles my mind lol
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    Absolutely. Unbelievable. You have to be a smart consumer!
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    the nursing program at NEIT will probably be a good program after they graduate ten or so classes through it, but as of right now it is to inconsistent in how they run the program. Heven help you if you fall on the bad side of the chairperson running the show, I have seen first hand how you are treated in this program if they feel you don't measure up to their standards, and trust me you will be treated badly,but in a covert way. Also, this program is really way over priced for what you are getting for an education. there are some great teachers in the program, and several that i would question should be teaching at all. the sim lab is state of the art, and the building /classes are nice, but think twice before you sign on the dotted line. shaniam326 is right in her experience, if you fail a class, you have failed the quarter, which means you are out that money, with no real recourse, also you will have one more chance throughout the rest of the program, if you fail, you are out!!!! think about the time and the MONEY!!!
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    Great advise!

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