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I just accepted a position on an acute rehab unit as a new grad. Now Im very excited and happy to be starting however Im feeling a bit discouraged. Im hearing from some people that nurses whom work in rehab (physical med) are not... Read More

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    I have to say of course, we are an inpatient rehab facility IN the hospital. Our rehab IS IN the hospital.
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    We have a rehab unit here at this hospital. As has already been stated, those nurses really do have to work hard and know their stuff. They have all kinds of patients with resistant infections that require hardcore ABX infusions via central line. They teach people how to use prosthetics after helping them heal their amputations. They help people post CVA to learn to speak and write and restore as much function as possible. Rehab nursing may not require you to run vents and various titratable gtt's, but it is "real" nursing you bet your butt
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    You'll actually have to be sharper than some of the other specialties. You may be getting some patients straight from an ICU or Stepdown on a ventilator who may be a "push" and not fully ready for the transition. You will be assessing these patients without all the gadgets the ICU RNs had and you may have 4 - 6 other patients to care for. Yes if it is an Acute Rehab, you may have your share of ventilator and trach patients along with different access ports. You may or may not have RTs available. So, learn everything you can and if you ever decide to transfer to an ICU or ED, you may be light years ahead of the rest in many areas especially when it comes to some of the indepth assessments, special needs, equipment and paperwork.
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    hi leolomb

    don't let the negative people bring you down or make you second guess yourself- you're a new grad- you just got a new job- that's great!
    you may find you love it, you may try a different type of nursing (as I am after over 25years of being a NICU RN)- that's the great thing about nursing, there are many different avenues one can take
    I wish you the best of luck in your career!
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    There is nothing wrong with working rehab, whether you are an LVN OR RN. You'll be fine... Tell the naysayers to mind their own business.
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    Everyone with RN, LVN or LPN behind their name is a real nurse. I get so sick of hearing this. Honestly, for people who are in a helping profession, some nurses can certainly be very negative. Ignore those ones.
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    OK. Auntie Prn, the oldest nurse on declares you are a real nurse. Therefore you may tell your phoney friends to byte you know what.
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    You are a real nurse!!! Dont believe what anyone says.
    I work on a general rehab unit as a new grad on nights. What are everyone's nurse patient ratio's? Ours is 7-8 can be 10 if were short
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    Rehab nurses rock!!! I floated to rehab the other day, and I tell you it may as well been the ICU. I had vents/trach's/central lines, a million meds. Definitely real nursing!!!
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    I too am a new working rehab. It keeps you busy and you have to be on your toes. Sometimes you don't know if a pt.s swelling is coming from them sitting for a long period of time for the first time in months or if their is something more. In a rehab hospital you have a lot of teamwork and you will have patients go down on you. You get a lil bit of everything in rehab except maternity. ANd if you are one of the few RNs in your facility you will be doing lots of assessments cause LPNs can't do the initial assessment. Have fun and get to learn about your patients, we have that advantage in rehab.
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