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helicoptergal is a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU, ER.

Nicu RN. Missing being a Flight Paramedic. Love my awesome family and friends.

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  1. My Excelsior College "shortcut" to nursing school, lead me to work as a Transport NICU RN in a regional level 3 NICU at a Magnet Childrens Hospital in California...
  2. It really upsets me when people who obviously do not know anything about EC blast it. My adventure in getting my degree from EC was the hardest and one of the most rewarding tasks I accomplished. I managed my classes with 2 small children and 2 jobs as a paramedic. I graduated got a great job, and am so thankful I attended EC!!
  3. helicoptergal

    Changing out isolettes

    Every 2 weeks. We have a form that is in our charting that we fill out everyday as part of safety checks where that info is placed. :-)
  4. helicoptergal

    Community College? You must be stupid.

    Nursing has gotten to lost in the BSN vs. ASN debate. A quality nurse, with good assessment and critical thinking skills, is a team player, and provides compassionate patient care is priceless. I am an ASN RN and plan to go back to get my BSN when I am ready. Right now I find attending advanced classes in my nursing speciality serves my patients and team members better than a BSN education.
  5. helicoptergal

    Anyone using PALS inthe NICU?

    We do not use PALS in our unit, and the concepts between NRP and PALS are similar. I remain certified in PALS and ACLS.
  6. helicoptergal

    What's the craziest thing you've heard over the ambulance radio?

    I took a report call once from EMS that made me just turn around, hang up, and have to go sit down. This old lady called 911 once on a busy Friday night because her cat peed on her leg. She just wanted to get checked out... TTTTTTT Triage...... :-) this made me laugh!!!
  7. helicoptergal

    consent for peripheral arterial lines

    No consent for the A-line, just PICC's.
  8. helicoptergal

    Indomethacin as IVH Prophylaxis???

    We also use Indocin as a IVH prophylaxis. In my own experience the 2 patients I have been involved with receiving it both had isolated ileal perforation, both had a pen rose drain inserted and antibiotics, but did well. And did not have IVH.
  9. helicoptergal

    VFib Arrest after heaven discussion

    S.pecial H.igh I.ntensity T.raining LOVE IT. A NEW ACRONYM.
  10. helicoptergal

    methadone effects on newborns

    Thank god for you and fellow PHN like you. I often worry about these babies. Nice to know someone is fighting for them.
  11. helicoptergal

    Death of 91-year-old spotlights line between care and killing

    Also what is not mentioned in the article, is Madera Calif. Is a place of 80% poverty stricken and uninsured people, and little resources.
  12. helicoptergal

    Morphine dose in vial?

    I work in the NICU and our vials are 2mg in 1ml so we always waste the majority of the vial, but we always have a witness to our waste.
  13. helicoptergal

    NICU Swings Policies

    We use swings for our chronic babies. Most of our swings are used and are donated by the staff. We always put a blanket or towel as a barrier between the pt and the padding. There has been been some comments made by our OT staff about speed regulation as it interferes in developing state control. However they are invaluable and I wish we had enough.
  14. helicoptergal

    ER doc describes Joplin tornado, aftermath

    Wow simply amazing!! God bless everyone!!
  15. helicoptergal

    Rehab Nursing advice please...not a real nurse?

    Rehab nurses rock!!! I floated to rehab the other day, and I tell you it may as well been the ICU. I had vents/trach's/central lines, a million meds. Definitely real nursing!!!
  16. ( I am replying from Calif) Jobs are hard to come by, however not impossible. I currently work in a Magnet Children's Hospital where I was hired as a new grad. I am thinking about pursuing my BSN, but I do not feel any less employable without one. Personally I would be very scared about spending 14k a semester for a BSN when I had a perfectly good ASN opportunity waiting in the wings. That is $70.000. You can always get established in a job and then go pursue your BSN at a later date. Good Luck!!