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I just got hired at a LTC/Rehab facility as an LPN. People keep steering me away from working this shift and they say it's really hard especially as new grad b/c of new admissions and etc. The ADON said the 11-7 would be easier... Read More

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    I've been working 3-11 for about 4 years, 3 of which I was a CNA, about 1 year of RN experience. Its quite different on my unit. AM shift is busy with getting pt.'s up but they have therapists there to help and doctors are making rounds. Discharges are also done on Am shift but they are super easy. On 3-11 shift, we are responsible for admissions, calling the doc, wound care, transfers, etc...all on top of what AM shift deals with. Baths are also given in the evening on my unit due to therapy being done in the AM. My unit also deals with a lot of confused pt.'s due to strokes, TBI's, encephalopathy, etc. This confusion seems to increase in the evening through the night. Visitors also seem to come after therapies, which ends up to be on 3-11p shift; so dealing with family members and visitors is also sometimes a hassle and takes more time. Night shift is easy, most pt.'s sleep and you do 24 hour chart checks and just read up on your pt, the hardest part of the night shift is drawing labs and waking pt.'s. So in conclusion, 3-11 is definitely the hardest by far on my inpatient rehab unit. With that being said, its also the best shift to be on to learn. I love it, its more fast paced but I could never get the experience I have on any other shift. Good luck to you!

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    Quote from LindaB73
    At my facility 3-11 gets crushed. We get all the admissions, have two med passes, no unit secretary, less staff, etc. We are lucky to be out by midnight. First shift leaves by 3:05 or they moan and complain.
    AMEN!!! My words exactly. I work 3-11 and it's a beast!!

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