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  1. NYC per diem rate

    Or any good guesses? Mid forties/hour?
  2. NYC per diem rate

    I was just wondering if anyone had an updated information about per diem rates in NYC hospitals. Thanks.
  3. Pain med question

    A resident had an order for oxycodone 5mg and Percocet 5/325 and asked which was stronger. Is one "stronger" than the other? What about Vicodin 5/500 or dilaudid 2mg or other po pain meds?
  4. Giving alcohol to a resident

    I work in ltc and we need an order for alcohol and we sign off for it when we give it. Not sure how your facility does things though.
  5. Perfect sized notebook?

    Try staples - that's where I got mine. They're spiraled and fit in your pocket. I think they came in a four pack, but you might be able to buy a single notepad.
  6. 3-11 shift

    Where I work the admissions come in the morning shift. I don't work 11 to 7, but it's usually calmer in the evening shift than day. I can usually get out at time with the 3 to 11 shift. It seems there's a decent amount of things to do on night shift ...
  7. Failed NCLEX

    Mine shut off at 75 questions. I had about 15 select all questions that i was pretty sure i didn't get right, and i passed. The questions were random and I feel I couldn't have studied for the test. I couldn't tell you which ones i got right or wrong...
  8. Ltc to hospital

    I guess I answered my own question because I finally got a job at a hospital. I was in ltc for about 4 months.
  9. Prep courses: Ncsbn, hurst, or ati?

    I took the ati prep course. I thought it was a good general overview of what i learned in nursing school, but almost nothing we went over was on the Nclex. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Ltc to hospital

    Congrats. Thanks for the input.
  11. Ltc to hospital

    I'm a new grad who has been working in ltc for about 4 months and was wondering how long it took you to land a hospital job and/or what you did to get a job in a hospital. I've done what others have suggested: I volunteer as a nurse in a free clinic,...
  12. New grad ABQ/cruces

    Thanks! Do you happen to know if the Albuquerque hospitals hire new grads?
  13. New grad ABQ/cruces

    I'm a new grad thinking of moving to NM in the spring. I lived in cruces for 2 years, but wasnt in the nursing scene then. I would prefer a hospital job, however I know these are hard to come by for new grads. Are there any hospitals in particular th...