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I'm a former college drop-out who just got back to school. My short-term goal is to at least get a BS in any field; I need it just for the emotional satisfaction because I only had a year to go when I dropped out. However, my... Read More

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    Quote from Jules24
    I did and LPN-RN fast track. I was able to jump right into an LPN program that was only 10 months. Work as an LPN as I continued on another 15 months to become and RN. This is the path I would recommend.

    Good Luck!
    25 months to an RN isn't necessarily a quick route. Most ADN programs take about that long. Of course nowadays with pre-reqs it's another year added on, so 25 months might be quicker.

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    The shortest rout to being an RN I know of is at Southwest Technical College in Wisconsin. Four 16 week semesters. Cost for Wi residents is around $6,000.

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