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    I have found this site to be very helpful regarding salaries in different cities throughout the U.S. However, a lot of the threads are a little outdated regarding pay rates, so I was hoping to start a new one. I have noticed that some people get really bent out of shape when it comes to salary discussions, which then causes a lot of bickering, which then causes the thread to end. If you are one of these people, just ignore the post, it doesn't need a bunch of caddy "if you are only worried about the money, you shouldn't be a nurse!" posts. I'm sure I am not the only almost-nurse one who is single, no kids, and ready to move wherever the best opportunity is present. If you would be so helpful as to include:
    1. City where you work
    2. How many years working as an RN or LPN
    3. Take home pay, or hourly pay

    It would be much appreciated!

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    11 YRS
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    TX (Houston area)
    RN 2 yrs (in LTC)
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    1. Fort Worth, Texas
    2. RN for 2 years, previously an LVN for 4 years
    3. $36 per diem rate (acute rehab hospital)
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    1. Boston
    2. 5 years
    3. $31/hr base pay.
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    1 Northwest, IN
    2. RN-acute care
    3. $25.25 base, +$2.20 evenings or $3.00 nights
    (could make more $$$ in LTC, but love acute care)
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    RN, BSN, Canada. 37.00 plus differentials. 16 months experience.
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    Quote from joanna73
    RN, BSN, Canada. 37.00 plus differentials. 16 months experience.

    Nice! Are you in a high cost of living area?
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    Southern CA 7 years RN, $45/hr base pay
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    hawaii honolulu, $39.48 /hr. base pay as a staff nurse,then it goes up to $84,060 salary with specialization. having said that, one has to consider that the cost of living in hawaii is very high, since most of the products are shipped to the island.
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