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I have found this site to be very helpful regarding salaries in different cities throughout the U.S. However, a lot of the threads are a little outdated regarding pay rates, so I was hoping to start a new one. I have noticed that... Read More

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    Detroit suburbs
    RN 3 years, hospital
    $25.43/hr base, 7% night diff, $2/hr weekend diff that includes Friday starting at 1430.

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    6 years-surgery
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    San Diego, CA
    RN, BSN-Nursing Mgmt
    Correctional Nursing
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    *Western Mass, RN/CPM enrolled in a BSN program

    *Private duty/ home health nursing

    *Have been licensed for less than two months

    *28.50 plus shift differentials. It's a good salary, but sometimes unpredictable as I don't get paid if my patient cancels! Luckily this hasn't been an issue yet, but I've only been on the job two weeks.
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    The best, most accurate data on salaries comes from: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Not surveys of nurses and definitely not from the sites which require you to pay.

    The government has access to more accurate data and shows you the statistical methods.
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    RN - 1 year Medical
    19.50/hour Base

    Moving to

    Cheyenne, WY
    26/hour base
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    Around San Francisco
    RN. ICU. Have been with current employer for almost 5 years now

    Bay Area = VERY high cost of living.
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    NW of Boston

    33 years BSN + certifications

    non union (before i got sick) Supervisor acute care $54.00 + diffs for nights and weekends (I don't remember the $...$4.75 nights, $3.00 weekends) Union facilities make more historically, $70.00 and up....cost of living HIGH.
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    And union facilities pay more to travelers. And hire more travel nurses. Gotta love the unions.
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    RN, BSN - New grad, 2 mo.

    $22.30/hr base, hospital

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