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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had experiences to share of working with colleagues (supervisors, other nurses or supportive staff) with mental illness, diagnosed or suspected, and how it affected... Read More

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    I just had a "friend" with an untreated long term OCD/anxiety disorder visit me...she was supposed to stay for 3 weeks with her husband but we have asked her to go home early.

    I know, that sounds rude, but she needed to return to her "comfort" area (which is NOT Alaska) before she imploded and we all killed ourselves. It is sad...she is suffering and her behavior is designed to make those around her suffer...that is part of her manifestation.

    She is too ill to accept that she needs help, and too ill to spend too much time outside of her home, control is a huge issue for her. When she is engaged in her illness she is verbally critical, judgmental, and argumentative...nothing makes her happy and most things make her unhappy. It made her angry during her visit that I would drink my beer too slowly and it would get warm before I was done, it took me 3 days to figure out what I was doing to "make" her angry.

    For 40 years her DH and children have allowed her "needs" to run their household without medical intervention...I do not cater to her fears. This was an "uncomfortable" visit for all as I corrected her rude behavior and indifferent ID behavior when it occurred...this is MY HOME...I deeply wish that she would seek help as she is suffering and could most likely have a much happier life. She is NOT the same person I befriended decades ago, her mental health has deteriorated considerably. Now I understand why she stays in her home most of the time and I wish she had not asked to come visit!

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    I'm a Psych nurse who is BSC with ADHD and a whole lot of personality disorder, but I really get my patients and am just fun to be around! <grin>
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