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Hello friends, I've been working in an acute care psych unit for 6 months now. I'm feeling fed up with my unit. When I first got there I loved it. I really thought that I wanted to be a psych nurse. I came to work every... Read More

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    I love psych, which is why I ended up in a psych-based BSN-DNP program. That being said, I never want to work full time at it; and my preference is to work sometimes in inpatient and sometimes in Acute (the ED version of psych). The most theraputic thing I did last week was french braid a patient's hair (I'm still in shock that I managed to find the time, but it was morning, and most of my patients were still asleep).

    That being said, I'll echo the "bloom where you are planted" sentiment.

    Yes, there are problems. I work with angry nurses with control issues, and understaffing problems and a union that ... well let's just say I'm pro-union, and I'm not impressed with anything they have done. I work with an ED that doesn't easily admit that psych patients have physical issues and a court system reluctant to commit/Jarvis/Price Sheppard many who really truly need it. All those things are frustrating - but such is life.

    I do what I can do. I listen respectfully to the patient who says he was told by the cops that he didn't have to stay here. I understand that he is angry, that he thinks he was lied to. I empathize and apologize and I let him have the last word.

    And sometimes (since my Health Policy class) I write a letter to the editor, or a blog, and try to share a little bit of what my job is really like. Or what it could be like.

    Hope is a good thing.

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    Have you considered Clinical Supervision?


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