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  1. albymangel

    Full Moon Syndrome: Fact or Fiction

    Oh stop this nonsense Sent from my iPad using allnurses
  2. albymangel

    Full Moon Syndrome: Fact or Fiction

    There is no link between the moon and psych patients and their behaviour or presentation. Sent from my iPad using allnurses
  3. albymangel

    Where is everyone from in the world?

    Well as far as location is concerned on Australia but came from Scotland Sent from my iPad using allnurses
  4. albymangel

    Things I wish I could tell my patients

    One needs to consider disclosure ver carefully preferably with clinical supervisor Sent from my iPad using allnurses
  5. albymangel

    Things I wish I could tell my patients

    Some self disclosure is fine only if it's for the therapeutic benefit of the client Sent from my iPad using allnurses
  6. albymangel

    Borderline Personality Disorder on the Behavioral Unit

    Admission of those Dx of borderline PD should be avoided or brief as it can be counterproductive according to NICE and Project Air Guidelines Sent from my iPad using allnurses
  7. albymangel

    dilemma regarding antipsychotics

    I'm a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse and for the lady 2years I have not administered any antipsychotics so there are other option
  8. albymangel

    Need ideas for nursing education groups

    sense of belonging...now I'm for that but talking about what's important can be helpful or what I might call a useful conversation might in some way lead to small steps in the direction of recovery. What does the the client want? How will they know it makes a difference? what will they notice? cheers Albert
  9. albymangel

    Borderline personality disorder

    some empathy, clear boudaries and a litle Zen...the how to engage with those borderline very nice people
  10. Hi Loray are you being asked to get credentialed ? Albert
  11. albymangel

    Need ideas for nursing education groups

    Psychoeducational groups around depression and anxiety could be a great start, Other specifics might include sleep hygiene and what about using a Solution Focused approach such as Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. Have you checked out Phil Barker's Tidal Model not specifically for groups but very client orientated. cheers Albert
  12. albymangel

    The "Why don't you go to Med School" Question

    Nursing...it's a great profession and it requires brains Albert
  13. albymangel

    What to do? Feeling very alienated on my unit.

    sounds like your work place culture is not so supportive. what about Clinical Supervision? do you malke use of it? cheers for now Albert
  14. albymangel

    Is psych getting me down, or is just my unit?

    Have you considered Clinical Supervision? Albert
  15. albymangel

    Magazines, books and videos for inpatient psych unit

    Hi greenbeanio I guess it would depends what educational stuff you want (mental illnes, medications, pyshosocial acitivites, lifeskills, self help stuff, staying well and much more. Not all educational is interesting right? maybe start by asking what the patient's/client's want I think this could be a good place to start. you also ask about books, magazines and even videos. Movies can be a bit tricky, where I worked staff at times brought in Movies (DVD) usually chose something that was "light" so to speak comedy or general interest stuff, like wildlife doco's. The inpatient setting where I used to work established a library, which continued the books you would find in any library. what about asking the client's/patient's to organise a libray for books and DVD's ? sound like your pro-active and I like that cheers for now Albert
  16. albymangel

    charging pts with assault

    Hi buddy, just a question not related to thread. I am am nearly finished 2nd year at UNI doing Nursing, and thinking os going inot Mental health as I did a 4 week placement in this area and loved in. Whats your opinion on going straight in as a newgrad or do you think its better to do my newgrad year in the general area Med/Surg. I am studying in Australia, and live on the central coast. regards Alby