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New grad with a job in a psychiatric facility

  1. 4 Hi guys, I'm new on here and I am 2 weeks away from completing my degree! Since my first psych placement I've felt that it was for me and I'm stoked to say I have a job ready and waiting for me in a long term facility! So pls expect to see me on here asking advice or just expressing/venting my new experiences.
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    Naenae - so awesome; grats on your upcoming position!
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    Congrats! It's awesome that you got an offer as a new grad in the specialty you want! That's very rare nowadays so it's nice to see it still happening from time to time.
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    Good luck...that's great! is it CAPU? or adults?
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    Awesome! Welcome to the dark side
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    Best of luck and congratulations.

    I found psychiatric nursing to be extremely challenging.

    It's easy to observe physical disease.. but psychological...requires another insight altogether.
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    Good job!
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    So happy that you got the position you wanted! It's always so good to see nurses come into psych with enthusiasm such as yours.
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    Congrats! I just started my first job in psych today. Like you, I always felt extremely called to psych and did my practicum in it. I am working in the community on an ACT team, and am looking forward to growing into my new role.
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    Yea!!!! I too was lucky to land a job in BH on a ltc unit. I was surprised during the interview to learn that ltc was different in behavioral health. I have pts from 20 something to 70 something. Much different than when I was a LPN in a ltc facility where most of my residents were over 70. Took some getting used to but I'm still loving it and it's been about 2yrs now