Geri-Psych: Does it exist? (asked the naive new nurse) - page 2

I'm a new LPN. I've been working in LTC for the past few months. Some of my residents are elderly people with illnesses or physcal limitations who require care. Some of them are dementia patiens... Read More

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    Here in nebraska/iowa we have a geri-psych facility but it is not very big. Most still end up in nursing homes and fall through the cracks.

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    Ive been working in LTC for the last 6 months. The longer I am here the more I feel that I am just working in a psych ward. It seems like 80% of our new admits since I have been working here are geri-psych. They are medicated for their psychosis but it does not seem to touch them. I had to call the other day to get an injectable ordered for a resident who refuses her oral meds. By the time I got the med ordered she had scratched, kicked, hit, and thrown objects at all of the staff, some of us were left with scratch marks and bruises. These people monopolize the nursing staff time to the point where all we have time to do is watch the psych patients and pass out meds. I feel that I have to run my entire shift around these residents. Its not fair to the rest of the people who need my time and attention. I work midnights and have a hall with 36 residents and 2 aids. Most nights the psych residents are up, and need 1:1 care. I dont know how to make my nights manegable when these people wont stay in their seats and constantly set their alarms off trying to get up or scream the house down all night, medication or not. Some of these people are 2 person assist when they get up because they are combative and large fall risks. Any advice would be appreciated, I am so frustrated.

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