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I oriented on a case I am not accepting. The Mom doesn't want nurses to sit on her furniture. We sit on the floor or stand. The patient plays on a blanket on the floor, once her diaper leaked and Mom... Read More

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    Sit on the floor? UM........NEVER! A lot of these are fine examples of PARENT BULLYING, and stupid agencies thinking that nurses will put up with it. No parent can act that way unless they are allowed to treat nurses that way.

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    It seem to go against basic laws of decency, basic courtesy. Ok, you don't want the nurse on the furniture (weird), but at least make some other provision- a "nurse-designated" table and chair or something. It is unrealistic to demand that we do all our care from the floor (!). I often sit on the floor with my ped patient, but I sit on the couch, at the dining room table, the chair in his room, etc. as well. And the family I work for has been called difficult, by the agency and other nurses, but they're not inhumane or lack basic respect for the people taking care of their child!

    Good for you, OP, for declining the case. Like others, I don't understand why the agency has let this go on... do they know?? I suppose I'm lucky that the place I work for is supportive of their nurses, and for that I am thankful.
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    I think I would ask to be placed on a different case. I had a case once where there was no set up for the nurses - no chair, desk or even a light. The agency was in a bind and I agreed to pick up the case at the last minute - night shift, weird hours from 7pm-3am. The whole family went to bed & I was expected to sit at the bedside of this child on the floor & in the dark. I ended up pulling the wooden chair from dining table and popped a video tape into the TV for light - it was a long night & I told the agency I would not go back there.
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