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I was recently informed that I am not affectionate enough with my toddler patient. I play with him, do plenty of activities with him, give him a pat on the head when I get there...not when I leave since he's still asleep. A... Read More

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    Trend or not...I refuse to cuddle or kiss on any patient. All it takes is one time for it to be taken the wrong way and bye bye license. Nope. Not happening here.
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    I might rock a pt in a chair,but I'm a night nurse,so that isn't happening(for now at least)
    Kissing? No way. I wouldn't want to be the one explianing to Mom how the kid got herpes type 1 in her eyes or lips.

    "I love you" to a pt? No way,that is unprofessional. I know people feel differently about kids,but,I don't know.
    What about showing it by buying something,or even just showing up to take care of the little one?
    Going the extra mile?

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