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Anyone ever said this to you? Someone told me recently that with my smarts I should go for something "more" like a PA or doctor. I was only too happy to explain, in a very concise manner, why I want to be a nurse. It bothers me... Read More

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    Quote from GrnTea
    I used to reply, "People need smart nurses, too."

    If you want some fun reading about snappy comebacks for this putdown, google Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio.
    I just looked her up. She's good.

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    I've heard this from family members, coworkers, and even family friends that are nurses, with the reasoning of the latter being that if I'm sure I want to go for being a nurse practitioner and I already have a bachelors degree going to PA school would be faster, which may be true, but I can get through RN school locally debt free while working and still having a bit of a life, then go on to a grad nursing program and still have somewhat of a life if I'm not in CRNA school ;-) PA school would require either moving or going $100+ grand into debt.

    My basic reason for not going for med school is that my wife and I enjoy our marriage too much to subject it to ~10 years of med school and residency.
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    Quote from CareQueen
    ^^Which is why shows like "HawthoRNe" make me smile. But unfortunately that was canceled.

    In any case, I haven't even started my ABSN program and I can already decipher the looks and remarks that I'm getting from people since I've announced my decision to go back to school to pursue a nursing career. "Wait what,you changed your mind? I thought you were going to be a lawyer?!?!" "If not a lawyer, then what about a doctor, why nursing?", as if it's a step down or something!!! I pity those that think that nurses are babysitters and that there's very little mental acuity needed to do the job that nurses do. :sigh:
    I am applying to ABSN programs as well and just made the switch from PA school which I withdrew from recently to pursue a career in nursing. My final goal is to become an NP but this switch has triggered the same comments you have experienced! It is beyond annoying! The medical and nursing models exist for a reason and some people are more attracted to one over another.
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    Quote from hodgieRN
    I am a guy, and once I identify myself as a nurse, I often get the remark "you are a male nurse?" ...
    LOL - I worked with a terrific ICU colleague that got that same question all the time... His best response was just to look them in the eye and say "Which part are you questioning?" Loved it!!

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