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Anyone ever said this to you? Someone told me recently that with my smarts I should go for something "more" like a PA or doctor. I was only too happy to explain, in a very concise manner, why I want... Read More

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    Quote from o0fefe0o
    I get this all the time & usually respond with, "sure, if you'd like to pay for my medical school, I'd love to!" That shuts them up pretty fast lol
    ^ good one!
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    Quote from hodgieRN
    It will happen throughout your nursing career. I usually get asked if I plan on becoming a doctor about once a week. It's also a gender thing too. Pts don't understand that men want to be nurses and they expect most women to only be nurses. I am a guy, and once I identify myself as a nurse, I often get the remark "you are a male nurse?" You can fill in a number of smart !@# comebacks for that one.
    And not too long ago people would have said something similar to me as a female if I decided to become a doctor.

    Quote from savoytruffle
    NPs are great, but why is that the end all height of nursing to some? Because you're "almost" an Md?
    Even some of my classmates are already talking about their plans to become NPs, and we're still in the pre-nursing phase. Honestly I just want to be a really awesome RN.

    Thanks for the replies, everybody.
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    I've witnessed doctors state: "Nurses are smarter, Most of us WISH me had the education that nurses had." Been hearing this more and more...and a couple were the senior department heads, resident heads, and TWO CEOs I worked became a doctor because his aunt was a DNP...he stated if he knew she was a DNP, he would have done the nursing route, she was called Dr, so he thought she was a DR of medicine.
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    I couldn't agree with this thread more! I am so so so tired of this sentiment, it's wearing me down. My family thinks it's "such a shame" that I'm "wasting" my "med school grades" on nursing. In their eyes, healthcare, nay the world, is a hierarchy and nursing is a tier below doctors. Now, I'm going to get a lot of flack for this next bit, but I'm gonna ask anyway. Being an RN is obviously different than being an MD/DO, but what can you say to people who ask you, "If you want to be an NP, why don't you just become a doctor?" Okay, obviously they are not the exact same thing (e.g. years of education required, cost of program, scope of practice... etc.) but as far as their functional roles go, besides the very important fact that the NP profession is a necessity for providing affordable healthcare, NPs are like doctor's with their wings clipped. So, why don't you (I'm asking you guys personally) go for MD/DO instead? Is it the nursing model/philosophy of health that you like? Is it the lifestyle it provides? Etc... Okay, that sounded really bad, but I hope you all understand what I'm trying to say.
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    I can see both sides.. I choose nursing over being a doctor because I am interested in a career rather than a life commitment. My son is three months old and I want to be able to spend time with my family rather than nonstop work. I love nursing for its patient commitment but I would love the theory behind the medicine too. (chem/physics/bio) it was my son that made up my mind
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    I love getting that. Sometimes I say "well... I was looking into my Dr in nursing". They usually go silent for a bit
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    Quote from AngelicDarkness
    I love getting that. Sometimes I say "well... I was looking into my Dr in nursing". They usually go silent for a bit
    ^Exactly...that usually "enlightens" them lol!
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    There are so many doctors who aren't very smart, who lack any real interest or concern in their patients. Doctors get their initial practical training of many procedures in a clinical setting from nurses, although they find it so easy to forget the whole thing once they get the hang of it. Nurses are and have always been and will forever be what they are... Smart and Amazing!!!
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    I posted something similar and got blown up by comments stating nurses are just as smart as doctors. Changed my perspective.
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    I used to reply, "People need smart nurses, too."

    If you want some fun reading about snappy comebacks for this putdown, google Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio.

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