Will these grades get me in the ADN program or not?

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    I have tooken Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry so far, I got a B on all 3 classes. I am currently taking micro and it seems like I might be in danger of getting a C out of it since the professor is very hard. Will a C in micro affect any chances of being able to get into an ADN program at a CC? Oh and I currently hold a G.P.A of 3.1 right now, is it bad? please help

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    Someone I know got C's in all they sciences & got in a CC! Try to score high on the teas & u should be good!
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    Honestly it all depends on your area, where I am it is SUPER competitive to get into the ADN programs, and I have never met anyone that got in with less than a 4.0. I would ask about the programs near you and see if anyone has any input, or go visit the schools you would apply to and ask the counselors.
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    ADN programs are not as competitive as they used to be, as many people feel it is not worth it (going right for the BSN). It all depends on what other options are available in your area, and how much they cost (city or state BSN are definitely more competitive now). People are still going the ADN/CC route, but In the end, an ADN can take you just as long as the BSN (with the pre-requisites and the waiting).

    You definitely have a shot. Your journey may not be be that easy, but they will likely give you a shot.
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    It depends on your school. It is ccompetitive but not extremely competitive. Where I live not everyone has 4.0's that get in I will guarantee you that right now! I know people with b's and C's that got in...it ALL depends on who is applying that time around...are they all 4.0 students or are they students like you. Our school only requires a GPA of 2.0 yea I know that is low...im assuming no one with a gpa that low gets in but still. Remember everything happens for a reason...apply for that program and if you dont make it you know what courses to work on and retake....you never know you very well could get in!
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    It really depends on your school and what their requirements are. At the community college nursing program that I am applying to, applicants must have at least a "C" or better in all required courses and their GPA should be a 2.75 or better in order to apply. Hopefully you will get a "B" in Micro, but if not a "C" is not bad! Good luck in applying to nursing school!
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    You'll have to speak with an advisor with the program you wish to apply to. Each program has difference acceptance requirements. While our program states a minimum 2.5 GPA is required to meet the entrance standards, no one gets accepted with that low of a GPA. It specifically states on one of the forms "I am aware that my pre-req GPA needs to be at least 3.5 to be competitive for admission". While we have a points-based admissions program, you can earn points elsewhere besides GPA (paid HCE hours, volunteer work, getting CNA, Phlebotomy or EMT-Basic). However the majority of the points come from the pre-req GPA and completing all co-reqs.
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    Why not apply and give it a try? You have nothing to lose, right? You can always take a class or two again if you don't get in. Some colleges are very competitive and others are less so. Find out what's going on at your school(s) of choice. But I always say, why not try?
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    I have your same exact grades. I can relate. Currently I'm taking Organic Chem, Micro, and English critical thinking. So far it seems like I will get an A in Eng, a B in Chem, and hopefully barley scrape the surface into the B range for Micro...Both A&P's I got B's, and the first Chem(intro Bio) class I got a B and I only applied to one BSN program, which allows you to have classes pending. But so far I'm still a qualified applicant, just not AS competitive. Like everyone else has mentioned it all does depend on the program, whether they go by points, lottery, or different format of choosing applicants. But don't worry you will get in just work harder in Micro, get tutoring, go to extra labs... If you haven't taken your teas, just try to rock out on that, it will balance you out from having a lower g.p.a : ) I hope my input was of any help!
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    It depends on your school and what area you live in. Here in Nor Cal most of the ADN programs are lottery based. So, as long as you have B's in the science prerequisites, and pass the rest, and have an overall GPA of like 2.6 (for example), then they let you apply. And as long as you meet those bare minimum requirements then they put your name in a lottery and it's totally left up to luck. But often there's like 800 applicants and only 80-100 spots. So, you do the math.

    It really depends on you school. What school(s) specifically are you applying to?
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