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bryan_del has 5 years experience as a ADN, MSN and specializes in Psych/OR.

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  1. Question to all NIs

    OK so I know this may sound silly but what exactly do NI’s do? Do you guys teach the EHR system to new hires? Troubleshoot EHR issues that may arise? Do you guys give presentations to upper leaders about changes that are needed to the EHR system? Or ...
  2. OR Huddles

    Thanks for the feedback. The training program where I will be at is going to be 9 months long so yea I’ll pretty much be learning all the roles of the OR
  3. OR Huddles

    So what would you say will be my biggest worry?
  4. OR Huddles

    So, there’s a high chance I might accept a job in the OR. I have a question, for anyone who can be so kind to explain, what are huddles in the OR? Who’s in charge of them? And what is the role of the nurse in those huddles? Thanks in advance.
  5. Is it impossible to get in OR or what?

    Thanks for the input. I will look into hospitals that offer that course
  6. Is it impossible to get in OR or what?

    Yes I was thinking that. It seems like other areas do have them but over here they are scarce.
  7. Is it impossible to get in OR or what?

    Yes I wish I was able to find such a program around here. They all want acute care or OR experience specifically which makes it really tough if you have neither.
  8. Is it impossible to get in OR or what?

    Yes I mean within the U.S and which state and city. I live in L.A and all residency programs that are available require acute care experience but for some reason it seems as though they do not take psych.
  9. Is it impossible to get in OR or what?

    What are were you able to get into a residency?
  10. Is it impossible to get in OR or what?

    I’ve been looking into both. What I’ve found is that even the residency programs out there, which are not much for some reason, demand acute care experience of at least one year or two and as I noted above I only have psych experience so I have not b...
  11. I’ve been an inpatient psych nurse for the past almost 2 years since I passed my NCLEX. It is the only experience I have. I’ve decided to pursue different paths (even outpatient psych) now and have been considering transitioning to hospice or OR but ...
  12. Considering Hospice

    Thanks for the info. Do you know of any good hospice companies around L.A?
  13. Considering Hospice

    Thanks for the tips.
  14. Considering Hospice

    I see thanks for the info. I’ll do some research on larger hospices around my area. Thanks again
  15. Considering Hospice

    Thanks for the help. Does case management require you to be on call?