What kind of computer should I buy for school?

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    Hey guys,

    First off, let me just say that I am new here, so if this post is in the wrong area I apologize!

    So a big concern of mine before starting nursing school this fall is having the right technology. I know from visiting different nursing schools that owning a computer is a requirement for most, if not all, schools. However, I found that the type of computer required (i.e. a PC or Mac) was never specified, even at the school I will be attending. Do any of you know the advantages/disadvantages of owning either? If I bought a Macbook, my biggest worry would be that the nursing program I am enrolled in will require me to use software or run a program that isn't compatible with a Mac.

    Also, would it be possible to get through school with a desktop computer? I thought of using a combination of a desktop computer and an iPad, so I could still have access to a fully functional computer in my dorm while having the iPad for textbooks and note-taking in class. Is this feasible for a nursing school program?

    Any input would really help me in making a decision. Thanks a lot you guys!


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    I think the answer here is more of opinion than fact. Personally, I have a compaq, iPad, and iPhone. I collaborate on all 3. However, if I could afford a MacBook, I'd definitely have one!

    As far as your concern with software, there are many programs that allow you to run Mac in windows mode. Not 100% sure that it would work for all software, but I know it works for a lot.

    Honestly, choosing a computer is more about what you can afford and what it can offer. In my experience, I would never own a dell.. I have had way to many problems with malfunctions and bad Internet connections. Since I currently can't afford a MacBook, I like to stay with HP. Compaq is mad by HP, but they are usually a bit cheaper. Make sure you get a good processor or the computer will be slow and worthless.

    If your school doesn't require a laptop, the desktop will be fine. A lot of schools are requiring laptops now.. I would check with your school before purchasing. If it is a requirement, they may possibly offer a discount through someone. I know apple has a site where you can get discounts for a lot of their electronics while in school.
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    You're def going to need a laptop. I'm in the process of looking for one myself. I'd love to own a MacBook and if I can before i start nursing school I'm definitely going for it. I was also looking at Hp as well. Check with the computer websites most offer student discounts so yayyy!!!!

    Good luck!!!!
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    Does your school have any computer requirements? \

    We provide all enrolling students with standard criteria (minimum RAM/processor speed, wireless specifications, etc) to all incoming students. Students who meet these qualifications are able to use our IT support/helpdesk). We also specify certain software needs for taking tests and submission of material. New students are also given the option to order their computers through the University (decent deals when the University can order hundreds of laptops at one time) or to buy from an outside vendor.
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    My MacBook Pro has served me well. I've owned it since 2009 or 10 and it's now 2013.

    I've used it for several prereqs at community college (A&P, Micro, Engl, Adv Comp, Gen Chem, etc) and through the first half of LVN school.

    I haven't had software problems as far as compatibility. I did buy the Microsoft office for Mac bundle when I bought it.

    Over the years I've used it to take notes in class, record video of lecture, edit photos of school things, login to school websites (D2L), etc.

    I recently purchased an iPad. I use it primarily to view power points and check email instead of printing them out. I had to download a free app called documents to go. I bought the iPad so I could do homework during the downtime at work without looking so obvious by lugging around a laptop. I've used my iPod (like a small iPad) to post to discussion boards and the iPad is used the same way. I bought the pages app to be able to word process on my iPad.

    But, I recommend a MacBook Pro, not MacBook air because the pro has a cd/DVD player. Don't get a tablet instead of a lap top because the functionality isn't the same.
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    Quote from bv1995

    Also, would it be possible to get through school with a desktop computer?

    I just wanna say that it's DEFINITELY possible to get through school with just a desktop computer. I live in a apartment nearby campus (temporarily), which is the only reason why I bought a laptop. But if you're living at home, I don't see why you can't just stick to your desktop. Even though I have a macbook, I never bring it to class or anything, because I always take my notes by paper and pencil (I guess I just prefer the old fashioned way haha!). And besides, most students that do take their laptops to class usually get distracted by facebook and other sites!
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    I agree that it's possible to get through with a desktop. I am VERY happy with my laptop, however, as being able to access all of my information for classes no matter where I am is very convenient. For example, waiting for my children when they're at choir/appointments/etc.

    I found a great deal on an Asus right after Christmas. I probably paid less than half-price for it. Even though it doesn't have Mircosoft, I use OpenOffice, which transfers easily into Microsoft. Super easy.

    The only thing I will stress about laptops vs. tablets is, two of my classes rely heavily on electronic versions of assignments. The prof prefers flash drives over emailing anything. So a tablet would not have served me as well as my laptop during this semester.
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    If you can afford a MacBook, I highly recommend getting one. I have the white MacBook 13'. I have had it since 08/2006 and it still runs like a charm! I had to replace the battery after 4 years but that is it. I love it to death!! Apple has better and lighter ones available now. In the past 6+ years, I have NEVER had an issue with anything but the battery and that was just 4 years of normal wear and tear.

    Good Luck!
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    I love my iPad but I also keep a small net book for those times when I need to write a paper. I think getting a laptop is definitely adequate.
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    As far as Macbook to Windows compatibility, I haven't had any issues. I have Microsoft Office for Mac on my Macbook, which I would highly recommend.
    I do not use my laptop for note taking and I always use the school's computers for when I need a computer at school (I always make sure I have all assignments, ect. saved onto my USB before leaving the house!) But, I do like the option of taking mine with me to school, too, which is why I have a laptop and not a desktop.
    Macbooks do tend to be a bit pricier than Windows computers. I was lucky and scored my MB on Craiglist for $200 in Jan 2012, but the software is so old that I will need to be getting a new laptop soon, because I cannot update the iOS platform, which prevents me from updating flash, Adobe, ect.

    Best of luck to you!

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