What courses do you plan to take for Fall 2013?

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    As for me, I plan on Taking

    A&P I
    Chemistry for Health Sciences
    French 102
    Developmental Psychology

    I'll be really busy next semester..

    How about you guys?

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    Good to see another guy joining the nursing field. I actually start an accelerated nursing program this fall. Can't wait. Good luck in your journey man!
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    Starting year 2 (:
    Summer 2013
    Nursing ethics
    Fall 2013
    Human growth &development
    Theatre appreciation
    Oral communication
    Applying for BSN this December !!!!
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    I plan on (keeping fingers crossed) to start the RN Program. I've finished all of my pre-reqs and submitted my application for Fall2013 about 3 weeks ago. Letters go out in 2 weeks so I will be checking the mailbox everyday!
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    Yeah, it is good to see more men in the nursing field. Thank you very and good luck with with the program!
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    Summer I'm taking:
    Heath First aid/cpr
    English technical writing
    Developmental Psych

    Fall I'm taking
    A&P II
    Technical Writing for Professionals
    Group communication and leadership.
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    In the fall I will be taking:

    Religion (required prereq for my #2 school)
    Art or Theatre Appreciation
    Logic and Critical Thinking
    Either Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication
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    If all goes as planned I plan on being enrolled in core nursing classes or RT core classes...all my co and pre reqs will be done! Good luck to you on your journey!
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    Hopefully, I'll get my acceptance letter and will be enrolled in NURS 150!
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    I may just take A&P I this summer and take A&P II next semester, out of state costs are so expensive so that will cost about 2,000 for that summer course.. But I need to take it because I refuse to be a semester behind because of one course. Lol.

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