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kingvonnBSN2017 BSN

Adult Psychiatry, Correctional/Forensic Psychiatry
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kingvonnBSN2017 has 3 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Adult Psychiatry, Correctional/Forensic Psychiatry.

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  1. kingvonnBSN2017

    What’s it like working in the psych emergency department?

    I am glad this was posted. I have been working inpatient adult psych and working in a mental health unit in a jail environment. I have an interview for an 8-bed Psych ED position in a community hospital (looking for a change). Always 2 nurses on staff, so no more than 4 pts. each I am assuming. I am looking forward to it.
  2. kingvonnBSN2017

    Forensic Psychiatric Nursing: A Unique APRN Opportunity

    I've been working inpatient psych for the past year and worked a few months in corrections. I just accepted a forensic mental health nurse position in a correctional facility. I am looking forward to working with the mental health population in the correctional system.
  3. kingvonnBSN2017

    Anyone NEVER been hit/hurt working psych?

    Good morning nurses! I am new grad working in psych, about 2 months in and I love it. It's a big passion of mine. I speak to a lot of the nurses on the unit and pretty much all of them say they have been hit, punched, choked, spat on...etc. Anyone here that works psych that has never been hit or spat on working on their unit? Just curious. Thank you!
  4. kingvonnBSN2017

    Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurse Residency 2017

    Hello! Starting this Monday at JHH. Anyone starting soon?
  5. kingvonnBSN2017

    7-3 or 3-11?

    Hey psych nurses! I just recently accepted a position in an acute adult psych unit in a hospital. I have a choice between the 7-3 or 3-11 shift for the unit. Which shift do you prefer and why?
  6. kingvonnBSN2017

    Interview this week in Acute Adult Psychiatric Unit!

    Thanks! I decided to accept the adult psych position. They are usually medically cleared and each nurse has 4 patients, on a rare occasion maybe 5. Does that sound good?
  7. kingvonnBSN2017

    Interview this week in Acute Adult Psychiatric Unit!

    Actually, it's pretty funny. The patient who threw the hot water on me when I was a tech at another hospital, was a patient on the unit I interviewed for. But altogether, it seemed like a very good unit with good security. The patients are medically cleared. It's 19 beds and each nurse gets 4 patients.
  8. kingvonnBSN2017

    UMMC Application Status

    I was offered the position at Hopkins! :-)
  9. kingvonnBSN2017

    Interview this week in Acute Adult Psychiatric Unit!

    Thank you all for the wonderful advice, all of this is going to help me greatly! I was offered both position, but I accepted the adult unit. I am so excited to start my career in mental health!
  10. kingvonnBSN2017

    UMMC Application Status

    I actually didn't get the position. They hired someone with years of psych experience. It's alright though. Next week I have an interview at Hopkins and St. Agnes. I am just crossing my fingers for those. I was so disappointed when I found out I didn't get the position but I guess I'll do a year on another unit and transfer to a mental health unit.
  11. kingvonnBSN2017

    Interview this week in Acute Adult Psychiatric Unit!

    The nurses told me that there are IVs, ostomy care, wound care, diabetes, htn, antibiotics, alcohol detoxification, things like that. Each nurse will have 4-5 patients, doctors are there until 5. The aggression is probably the hardest aspect of the unit, but I am so ready to learn how to care for the elderly with mental health issues and how to handle an aggressive patient. That's what I really want to accomplish, I am pretty sure it will take some time.
  12. kingvonnBSN2017

    UMMC RN Residency October Cohort

    Yeah, you're right. It actually went very well! The nurses were so friendly and the unit seemed like a family so it was amazing. They were doing renovations on the unit so I couldn't do that long of a share day but I had a good feel of it. I'm just ready to start because mental health is a passion of mine and I love UMMC. I used to work in Mother Baby as a tech. The manager said I would hear from him very soon. Fingers crossed!
  13. kingvonnBSN2017

    UMMC RN Residency October Cohort

    Hopefully me! Lol
  14. kingvonnBSN2017

    Interview this week in Acute Adult Psychiatric Unit!

    On day shift, its 13 patients to 3 nurses and 2 techs and night shift, its 13 patients to 2 nurses and 1 tech. Does that sound like a safe ratio?
  15. kingvonnBSN2017

    UMMC Application Status

    Thank you guys! For your interview, did you have a pre interview with the recruiter in HR or did you just interview with the manager?

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