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I am a nervous wreck waiting on whether or not I am accepted to my school's nursing program for this fall 2013, and thought that starting this thread may be able to keep myself and others... Read More

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    I got accepted to my school!
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    Congratulations to those who have been accepted! I am joining this thread a bit late but I am stressed over the waiting as well. I have applied to only two schools *bites finger nails*. I applied to one ADN program at the community college and one accelerated BSN program. I want to desperately get in and I hope I do. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology from last May with only a overall GPA of 3.022. My GPA before transferring to that school was a bit lower. I have "B"s in both A&P I and II and currently am holding an A in nutrition and microbiology. I think I did pretty well on my TEAS V with an "advance standing". It said I was 97 percentile rank for the nation and 98 percentile rank for my program. Anyone else here waiting for acceptance/rejection from Coppin State University or Community College of Baltimore County?
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    I got accepted!!!! into RPN program at Algonquin College for fall 2013!!! aaah, I'm so happy. I didn't accept the offer yet, because I am still waiting for my 1st choice BScN collab @ Ottawa U. I pray all of you get for ya'll want too. I wish I can just share this happiness through the computer screen for you.
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    Congratulations learningmom! I am so happy for you. I hope you get a big fat yes from your first choice too! Good luck in your future endeavors
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    Thank you!
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    Just turned in my app yesterday for ADN program at a local community college and I'm waiting on my acceptance letter (I'm not claiming a rejection) I scored 80% on my PAX-RN and i have a 3.2 GPA I've finished all of my pre nursing courses except 1 which will be finished this summer (Thank goodness they let you apply without finishing up ) I'm just ready for this all to be over and start the nursing program
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    I am about to send my application in and won't hear back until mid/end April. My hopes aren't very high though. It's a super competitive program (but aren't they all?)... I have a 3.457 pre-req GPA and an 82% overall on the Kaplan exam (70% on the science). I guess I just have to wait and see :/
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    I get to apply to my nursing program this summer but don't get to hear back until around Halloween! The wait will kill me!
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    I just received my letter this afternoon and I am so happy that I was accepted into the BSN program!!!
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    Hi! I'm waiting on an acceptance letter too. I'm transferring from another college with a 3.18 (yikes) and took the TEAS V in January and got a 81.7%. I'm really hoping I get into the program, I've been on here every day watching others and trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can!
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    Quote from KTColeman30
    I just received my letter this afternoon and I am so happy that I was accepted into the BSN program!!!
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    I got my acceptance to two colleges this week. Very excited, but waiting to accept anything until I hear from my first choice. Congrats to everyone who has gotten admissions and I hope everyone else will get good news as well. I understand how nerve wrecking and anxiety producing the wait can be. Good luck everyone!
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    The program I applied to won't send out letters till May. I have a long wait. Hope you get in to the program you applied for.