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  1. To explain further, I feel like it would hurt me more, because the hospital did not have a good reputation and the experience in LTAC does not count as hospital experience if I were to apply for a magnet hospital in 2 years. PRN positions also do not give you benefits and the orientation time is much shorter because they are expecting you to know what you are doing within 4 weeks. I want a hospital that will fully support me and allow me to grow as a new nurse. There are also contracts here that tell you how long you must work with that hospital as a new grad. It is not me not being humble. I am very anxious at the moment about not taking the first offer and not being able to find a job yet when others have. It is what I believe would help benefit my career in the long term. I'm sorry if I came off that way.
  2. jh408

    New Grad RN in Houston seeking advice

    That is not an option at the moment. I am hopeful that I will hear back from St. Luke's residency and positions I applied to that said they would consider graduates.
  3. jh408

    New Grad RN in Houston seeking advice

    I have my BSN and RN, but not much luck yet .
  4. jh408

    New Grad RN in Houston seeking advice

    Thank you! I am still pursuing. Have had an offer from a LTC facility but I do not think I will be taking it.
  5. I am also in the same boat. I am a new grad RN who graduated in August who is searching for a job, but I do not want to settle for long term care or positions that are part time. Good luck to you!!
  6. Hi! I am currently a new grad RN residing in Houston, TX. Graduated in August, and received my license this month. I have been applying to numerous new grad positions and RN positions such as at HCA hospitals and Memorial Hermann, but have not had much luck! Any advice for me? I have a few contacts at hospitals I am interested in, but they have not messaged me back yet. I am thinking about getting involved at a local children clinic that is owned by Texas Children's in the mean time. Thank you for your help!
  7. jh408

    New grad jobs in houston

    I am in the same boat as you! Currently trying to find positions as a new grad RN. I just filled a bunch of applications for HCA and memorial hermann hospitals. Hoping to hear back. I have not had any luck yet. Good luck to you!
  8. jh408

    finally got my letter

  9. jh408

    NCLEX Text

    Hi! Wishing you luck as you study for the NCLEX! I found Saunders, UWorld, and Hurst Review to be helpful when I studied. While Saunders' questions were not as difficult, they have a vast question bank and allow you to study test strategies. When using UWorld, I felt that they had similar NCLEX-style questions and was a great tool to utilize for practice questions. As for Hurst, I took the 3-day live review from Hurst Review, and I do not regret it. It comes along with a month subscription of their videos and I think a year subscription of their extra study materials. It was great to use in order to reinforce core content. Good luck. Feel free to PM me if you need more advice.
  10. jh408

    i`m a new student

    Stay on top of your work, because it can easily pile up. Getting burnt out from studying, clinicals, and other school-related things can occur, so be sure you can keep a good balance between schoolwork and time away from schoolwork. Good luck!
  11. jh408

    Need help with NCLEX exam!

    Have you tried a live review such as Kaplan or Hurst? I would recommend first figuring out what study techniques work best for you and also consistently practicing NCLEX-style questions as well as test-taking strategies. I recommend UWorld or Kaplan. I was able to be successful with Hurst Review and UWorld. You can do it! Good luck to you!
  12. jh408

    shut off at 76..

    Good luck! I have heard of people passing at 76. If your test goes beyond 75, it just means you were still in the game and that the computer was not able to make a decision about your test yet. I had the same anxiety in the 48 hours waiting for quick results. I hope you get to see them soon and are able to relax afterwards. It is impossible to know if the questions you were given were passing level or not, but I hope for the best for you I was a nervous wreck after my computer stopped at 75 because my questions seemed too straightforward. I had no med calculations on mine either.
  13. jh408

    3 Attempt NCLEX-RN, Need New Study Plan

    For my NCLEX prep (I just passed it in a few weeks ago), I used attended a live review from Hurst and used their videos and extra material that comes with it. It is a 3 day review (8am-4pm I think). A little costly but they have a refund guarantee if you do not pass the first time. You can also buy their online review that is a little cheaper. Some people may think it is cheesy, but it really helped me learn my core content from their videos. Have you also checked out Uworld for practicing questions? I think it was the best question bank I've used. A lot harder than Saunders questions. I did not try Kaplan's questions, but I heard both UWorld and Kaplan had similar difficulty of questions. Best of luck, I believe in you!
  14. jh408

    going back to school

    Wishing you all the good luck!
  15. jh408

    Waiting on acceptance/rejection letters

    Good luck, y'all! I've been told that letters and announcements are sent out in April. Super anxious about it as well! Congrats to all who have been accepted!! Does anyone know how long it takes to get all the other credentials (for if you are admitted) done? Such as CPR certification, physical, immunizations, etc. I know for one of the schools I'm applying to, they want my physician's signature on the immunization form so I'll have to do that instead of just sending in a copy of my records.
  16. jh408

    Taking Bio and Chem over the summer?

    Also, science courses in the summer are very time-consuming. I took Chem I and its lab last summer and for the whole month I was in it, my life revolved around studying for that class. I definitely could not have taken it with another summer class, because one science course itself requires at least a few hours of studying everyday. But if you are really good at time management, and fast-paced learning, the choice is all up to you! Best of luck! I felt like classes such as the sociology or any philosophy courses are do-able during the summer, however, with another course. One summer, I took Intro to Sociology and Lifespan together and felt like both were manageable to study for in one summer session.

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