New Grad RN in Houston seeking advice


Hi! I am currently a new grad RN residing in Houston, TX. Graduated in August, and received my license this month. I have been applying to numerous new grad positions and RN positions such as at HCA hospitals and Memorial Hermann, but have not had much luck! Any advice for me? I have a few contacts at hospitals I am interested in, but they have not messaged me back yet.

I am thinking about getting involved at a local children clinic that is owned by Texas Children's in the mean time.

Thank you for your help!

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If you're not a BSN grad, you may have better luck applying to facilities that are NOT affiliated with any of the major health care systems, as they are no longer hiring ADN grads. If possible, focus on facilities in outlying areas - competition will decrease with increasing distance from the TMC. The commute could be daunting, but if you work nights, it wouldn't be as bad. I know of one ADN grad who landed a job at Memorial-Hermann Katy... but she is actively pursuing her BSN.

Best of luck to you - hope you can start your career very soon.


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ya, unfortunately they major hospitals want BSN grads only. A few lucky ADNs have squeezed in due to having a BS in another field. Try Kelsey Seybold, Kindred, Cy Fair Hospital, Tenet Facilities.


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Thank you! I am still pursuing. Have had an offer from a LTC facility but I do not think I will be taking it.


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I have my BSN and RN, but not much luck yet :(.


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Have you considered moving out of state or is that not an option?


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That is not an option at the moment. I am hopeful that I will hear back from St. Luke's residency and positions I applied to that said they would consider graduates.