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I am a nervous wreck waiting on whether or not I am accepted to my school's nursing program for this fall 2013, and thought that starting this thread may be able to keep myself and others company......:nailbiting:....Please feel... Read More

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    Quote from wcampos24
    I'm so happy for you. I wish I got a letter already
    waiting sucks. They said the end of this week or early march. Cross your fingers for me!
    Thank you! Fingers and toes are all crossed for you! Hope you get your letter soon.

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    Submitting my application tomorrow (Wed. 2/27) Deadline is March 1st. Acceptance letters go out the last week of April. If accepted, I'll start either Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 (depending on which cohort I'm assigned to). I'm nervous, yet excited at the same time!!!
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    What a relief when I found this thread.........
    I've been working on my pre-reqs FOREVER (it seems like). I've gotten decent grades - B's or higher in all my nursing pre-reqs. I am also working towards my Associates in Pre-Nursing and should graduate in June if all goes well.
    I applied to three schools and have been biting my nails nervously waiting to hear from any of them. I'm an older student (38) and worry that if I'm not accepted this time around, I may have to start pursuing something else, because I don't want to be entering a nursing program at age 100.
    One of the nursing schools did invite me to take the proctored essay, which was nerve-wracking and totally awesome at the same time. That program had 462 applicants for 96 spots - they sent 182 rejection letters prior to the essay meaning 280 of us are competing for very limited space. It did feel good to know that my hard work was recognized in one respect - they obviously found something that seemed to fit with their program and so I'm just trying to be as optimistic as possible while I wait for another month and a half to hear!
    Another school had a deadline of December 10, but according to my research we shouldn't be hearing on acceptance or rejection until mid-March at the earliest. I'm very nervous because I read that 700 students applied for 75 spots, which is crazy to me.
    Oh well.....just the waiting game I guess. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. I know that God has a plan for me, just not sure what it is yet!
    Best of luck to all of you, and many congrats to those of you who have already been accepted into programs!
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    OK I got mine yesterday! Good luck to you all!
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    Quote from allycat77
    OK I got mine yesterday! Good luck to you all!
    Congratulations!! Woohooo!!!!
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    I have countdowns set on my phone for the acceptance letter dates. Waiting is making me super-anxiety-woman. I did double the work I usually do for February and I'm not behind. Nervous energy is getting so much done for me!
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    Mine should be here any day now! UGHHHH
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    Quote from AmberHopefulRN

    Congratulations!! Woohooo!!!!
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    Quote from walke274
    Mine should be here any day now! UGHHHH
    Good luck! :crossing fingers and toes:
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    I'm applying to three selective schools. One that I truly think I will get accepted to, one that is essentially my most tangible dream school, and the other that is probably out of my league - for good measure

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