Summer Sessions are for Champs!!!

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    Summer session classes just started this past Monday, and I already feel wiped out! I'm taking an 8-wk Microbio class, to be followed by a 5-wk A&P II class before I'm finished with prereqs and off to start to my ABSN program in the Fall.

    I have my first test in Microbio this coming Tuesday (after just ONE wk of class!) and the professor is intense! Not to mention the fact that I'm already at a disadvantage because I'm in a highler level Microbio class than I should be. Due to low enrollment in, and the cancellation of, my originally scheduled class, I was forced to take whatever Microbio I class was available in order to complete the prereqs in time to start my program. What the heck have I gotten myself into!??? I earned my first Bachelor's degree at a school that operates on quarter systems, so I'm used to the quick turnover of courses. However, during that degree I wasn't taking sciences lol!

    Of course it can be done, but working full-time and trying to incorporate workouts and healthy eating is NOT helping. Up at 5am, at work by 7:30a, off work by 4p, on the road to classes for an hr and 15mins, class and lab from 5:30p-8:05p, and then a 40 min drive home to do it all over again, 4x a week...and somewhere in there, I have to find the time to study, do homework, workout, clean, prep meals and fundraise to finance my nursing degree (bye bye weekends! ) Anyone else out there feeling the pressure this Summer? If so, just know that we're all in the struggle together! This is only the beginning! Be encouraged everyone.
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    I took Micro during the summer and I was glad I did, I could not imagine dragging that class out for 15 weeks. I also took A&P 2 during the summer and I got an A-, I loved A&P 2 way more than A&P 1. Good luck.
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    Good luck to you! I'm starting A&P I for 5 weeks then A&P II for 5 weeks right after! Luckily I only have to work weekends but I am a mom so that's almost like a full time job in itself! But I know I can to it! I've read the book and memorized the body parts, skeleton, and some muscles. I'm very confident in my ability to do well!
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    I know how you feel CareQueen, I just started my summer semester Monday in a 8 wk A&P 2 and our 1st exam is on the 29th. My lecture is online and my lab is 2 days a week. Plus, I'm taking Psy 241 online and my instructor is not giving us all of our work so if we want to knock it out we can. I never wanted summertime to be over until now. That's bad isn't it. Just gonna take it one day at a time. Good luck to you and everybody else taking summer classes.
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    I always dread summer semester cause I know how hellish it will be, but it has to be done! I am taking A&P 2 and lab, and American Lit 2 this summer. My classes start next week and I'm getting anxious! I know the time requirement will be much heftier than in a normal semester and its overwhelming!
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    I'm going to be taking micro too. My summer sem doesn't start until June 10th. What do you do for fundraising? And any tips for micro? I haven't ever taken it before. Like things to read up on before, supplies that would be helpful ect.
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    My summer semester starts next week. I have 4 classes! Luckily none are science though..
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    I am taking an online chemistry lecture with an on campus lab twice a week from June 3-July 29. Chemistry is my least favorite but the only pre req I have left so I am going to do work & get 'er done.
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    Oh yes, I will be in the same boat as you in a few weeks! I am doing an 8-week Anatomy class, and a 6-week Chemistry class (lecture online, lab in person), and a 6-week Developmental Psych class (online). Thankfully, I have the summer off from work, but I do have four kids and a husband, so it will be hard to juggle everything. I am motivated though, and I know we can all do it! Good luck !
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    I hear ya! I work full time (45 hours a week normally) and start class tomorrow. I have a test on the first day. I am taking OB/Peds and it is a 10 week course with a test every week plus clinicals. So I hear you. Good luck!
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