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  1. CNM School

    Thank you! I ended up going to UIC. :)
  2. CNM School

    Thank you!
  3. CNM School

    Hi everyone! I am wanting to ask a question, I have been searching and searching and have found no solution to what I need. So, I want to become a CNM and I live in Illinois. Is my only option really UIC? I will have to do the DNP program because t...
  4. Hourly rounding. Are you kidding me?

    Is hourly rounding something you can totally delegate to cnas? Just wondering. That way you could do your own rounds when you can. I do hourly rounding as a cna now. Which, either way, as a cna or nurse, is pretty frustrating.
  5. 1st semester expectations

    Me too! I start in august. Do you as we'll?
  6. Acronyms: Where's the COW?

    COW has definetly gotten me into trouble before!
  7. Only in New York

    Thank you for sharing your story! It's amazing when you think of how intricate one human life can be. It's also humbling to remember that. Made me tear up a bit!
  8. post your fall class schedule

    It will be my first sem as a nursing student! So I will be taking: Nursing Seminar 1 Intro to nursing Dosage Calculations Intro to Pharm
  9. I just cried.. In a staff meeting

    Get out of there!!!!
  10. Full Moon Friday the 13th

    I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. It's always crazy with the full moon.
  11. Just a bad shift...

    One breathe at a time.
  12. Desensitized already?

    Agree with the others. In this profession you will have many, many deaths. It would destroy you if you cried every time. It would destroy your mind and body if you got that emotionally invested in everyone. It doesn't mean you didn't care or love tha...
  13. Terrified about student loan debt. ADVICE

    What I am doing is going to the community college, taking loans out for nursing school, and getting my ASN first. I will work off my debt after I graduate, or start to, and then bridge to my BSN and bridge on to masters. I can relate though. I alread...
  14. Stressed out in my last clinical rotation before graduating

    I'm sorry your so stressed out! Maybe you should privately talk to your instructor about it if you are that worried. Also it really sounds like you need some sleep! Just take a day, and get a little extra sleep. I'm sure that would help a lot.
  15. Just got accepted