Summer Microbiology!? I'm Nervous

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    im taking mircobio in july. im nervous/excited to be done with my A.S degree and to be finally moving foward after this! but the course is only 4 weeks short, idk how they're gonna cram all of that info in one month. if the reading/materal/work load is as tedious and complicated as A&P im *fudged*!!!!!!!!! experience? advice?

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    I'm not going to be any help... But I can't believe your summer course is only 4 weeks! That's crazy. Mine is 8 weeks.
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    WOW a 4 week micro course?? Mine was 9 weeks and it was insanity. I think they will have to leave out a lot of stuff though.. there is no way to learn everything in 4 weeks. I didn't learn everything in 9 weeks lol. Is it like a everyday type of class? I say if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can do it! I would rather get it done in 4 weeks vs 9 because I hated that class! best of luck!
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    I took a 5 week microbiology course online. It was a lot of work, however it was very dueable. If you put forth the effort and the time you should be fine. I personally thought it was extremely easy compared to my A&P classes. Good Luck!
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    Yikes 4 weeks?? I just started the 8wk class, and am feeling the pressure. Idon't think it would be as bad if it weren't comprehensive. I'm not sure how well I can do with that. I guess all I can hope for is to get a C or better, so I wont have to retake it. I wish you luck.
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    Four weeks for micro is crazy. I took the traditional 16 week class and I couldn't imagine cramming all of that information into only four weeks. I will say that micro was hands down my favorite class that I've ever taken. I LOVED it! The main thing is to study, study, study! Every teacher has a preference on what they want their students to focus on so I can't specifically say study A B and C. I think you will be fine. It'll be a crazy ride but it'll be over before you know it!
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    Best of luck with your class. Sounds like you will have plenty of reading to do in 4 weeks. Keep us posted on how it goes (When you get a chance).
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    Never heard of a 4 week summer micro class, like others said they might skip a lot of portions in the section. I did a 8 week physiology summer course and that was insane, but if you can manage your time well and study good you should be fine no worries.
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    I did my anatomy classes in 12 school days each. I did well on both and its doable. It just requires staying on top of everything and studying as soon as you get home. We had quizzes every day and tests every other day. Our tests weren't bad since we didn't have enough time to forget anything. Good luck!
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    It's funny I consulted a current nursing student who I'm friends with to help me figure out what prreqs I should take together. She suggested I take Micro during the summer with a particular professor, she warned me that the class fills up fast, but he is an awesome teacher and his class is known for the ease of his summer course. She got an A and the majority of her class did as well. Check to see what kind of rating your instructor has.
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