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JacAn001 has 3 years experience as a BSN.

I am 44 years old wife and mother of three. I joined the site when taking pre-reqs. It took five years at various colleges and universities, due to several military relocation. My husband has since retired from the military and we settled in TX. Experienced in Medical Surgical and Hospice nursing.

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  1. Hi I am thinking about moving back to SC by the end of the year. Anyone know the nurse to patient ratios on the Med-Surg units for the above mentioned hospitals? Thank you
  2. JacAn001

    To those that left critical care for this

    I'm a Salaried Case Manager, not the case for me, maybe at the beginning but now. I work 40 per week or less
  3. JacAn001

    Hospice Pay?

    Same as previous posts. I'm earning much more than I did in Med-Surg
  4. JacAn001

    Newly hired New to hospice

    I found it for Kindle on amazon $39.95
  5. JacAn001

    Newly hired New to hospice

    I wish I could find this book for $35 everywhere I have searched so far it is over $200
  6. JacAn001

    Houston HCA StaRN Spring 2018

    Nothing here either. I do know of one person that did get offered a position
  7. JacAn001

    Houston HCA StaRN Spring 2018

    I really hope I hear something.
  8. The "trifecta" is no more! it was funds1, patho and heath assessment1. Apparently it was pretty heavy. I transferred Patho in so I just had funds 1 and Health Assessment 1 together. the specialty courses can sometimes get switched around, this has happened in my case and many others. I took peds before maternal-baby, others are doing mental health while I do evidence based practice, it can vary from student to student and campus to campus.
  9. JacAn001

    Chamberlain Nursing School... Is it worth it???

    Do you know how many years before the possibility of loan forgiveness?
  10. JacAn001

    Chamberlain college of nursing Houston

    If there is an overall credit after tuition, books and whatever else is paid for there will be refunds. I used both fasfa, and VA. However, there have been times when my refunds have not been issued in a timely manner, so do not rely on them coming fast each session
  11. JacAn001

    Chamberlain college of nursing Houston

    I transferred about the same amount of credits too. Covered most of my 1st pre-reqs and some of my other classes. Knocked little over a year off. I am also using post 9/11. The thing to remember with Post 9/11 is that the financial/school year runs differently to Chamberlain You may max your annual benefit by the May session, simply because most schools are off summer and of course the school is not cheap. I ran into this during my May session so just be prepared for that. The VA financial year begins again August 1st so I can get money again during my September session. Hope this helps and if you have anymore questions feel free to PM me
  12. JacAn001

    Meaning of your username?

    Wow yes I remember that doll I had one!!
  13. JacAn001

    Chamberlain Houston Campus

    The time frame is different for each student. It will depend on the amount of credits that will transfer over
  14. You need to just keep an eye on statistics/reports rather than what people like and dislike about the school because it's "opinion" you read my opinion on my personal issues there, they may be different to that of another student there. Plus, I try not to think too hard about when people say about "i heard it was" because if someone is not a student there they really do not know in my opinion. What I have seen is that since the beginning of this year is that the NCLEX 1st time pass rate is at 80%+ if this continues the NCLEX score (students pass %)for the reporting period will increase which would be fantastic.
  15. There are many Chamberlain grads that have secured employment before they have even taken the NCLEX, I would say that what you have heard is not 100% true. There are grads that are in many major hospitals in the Medical Center, The Woodlands and County hospital, they are the places that I am aware of. How do I personally like the school? I like the what the school stands for, I like what the school is trying to achieve however, I've had many issues that have had me thinking whether I personally had made the right decision. I'm doing a lot of soul searching at the moment. At 40 I was not prepared to wait another year to start at a community college or state university. Being a military family we have moved a lot and I wanted to be able to start and finish within this last move before my husband retires. I guess what I can say is do your own soul search, read reviews, check NCLEX scores and take it from there. I hope this at least partially answers your question
  16. JacAn001

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Houston

    I would take as many classes as possible prior to beginning here. I transferred all my science course except chemistry. Of you take or have taken a chemistry it must have a lab class included. Transferring courses will certainly save you some money. The classes have also been rearranged. In the future this will help balance your workload. The school is expensive but I feel that it is worth the money. We are able to access books that would cost a fortune in other schools. There are any opportunities. Many of the student nurses that I know have already secured spots in graduate nurse programs at local hospitals. Best of luck,