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I just got my reg date for the Spring 2013 semester and I got priority reg because of being in the Honors Program. I now know that I will be able to get into the classes that I was not able to get... Read More

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    College Algebra I
    English II
    A&P I
    Developmental Psych
    US History 1 (required humanities elective)

    Thankfully Chemistry is not a required pre-req for my nursing program, me and chemistry just do not mix together well, lol.
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    Spring 2013:
    -Nursing 139(Human Growth & Development)

    I wish I could take more but I am only allowed those because I need Micro in order to take the 200 level nursing courses.
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    Chelsea...a lot of people (probably OFF the forums) would think we're crazy for taking two science classes. ;P

    I know A&P II is going to be difficult...and if I decide to take CHEM lab....oh gosh, LMAO. I'll be in class literally from 8AM-8PM.

    But we can do it!!!
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    I'm taking:
    A&P 2
    A&P 2 lab
    Pathophysiology 1
    Developmental Psych
    along with two other courses .. one a 300 level language course & an easy intro computer course (program requirement)

    almost finished with micro w/ lab, A&P 1 w/ lab & nutrition along with 300 level language course.
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    This semester I took A and P 1, Microbiology, Human Growth, comp 1, art appreciation, and public speaking . The art appreciation + public speaking we're short term courses so I am done with them. I'm maintaining a passing grade of an A. Many people discouraged me from taking all of these classes at once but I don't regret it at all . Next semester I will be taking a and p 2, comp 2, chem 1, world Civ, and statistics. I am confident I can do it. Little nervous about statistics
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    I will be taking A&P I over, Developmental Psych, Nutrition, and Sociology. Good luck to all! :-)
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    Next semester I'm taking the following courses

    A&P 2
    Chem 101
    Eng 112
    History of Art 101. All of these classes are online.
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    @kcoleman1 many people discouraged me too on taking micro, A&P 1 and Nutrition along with the labs, together .. my instructor even told me that I would not be able I do it. but I'm pulling As in all except nutrition .. getting by with a B. although this has been one of the toughest semesters by far .. but don't regret not taking them together either it opened up a lot of good studying skills
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    Quote from SakuraChan
    Chelsea...a lot of people (probably OFF the forums) would think we're crazy for taking two science classes. ;P

    I know A&P II is going to be difficult...and if I decide to take CHEM lab....oh gosh, LMAO. I'll be in class literally from 8AM-8PM.

    But we can do it!!!
    You can definitely do it! This semester, I took 6 courses, 4 of which were science courses. It's definitely do-able

    I took Physiology, Microbiology, Microbiology Lab (separate class at our school), Pharmacology, Human Growth & Development and Intro to Health Professions. It was a LOT of work!!! I have 3 weeks left to go and I've got an A and each class and a high B (3 points away from an A!) in Human Growth & Development. Hoping to bring the last one up to an A with the final & my research paper.

    You can definitely take 2 sciences at once. Just make sure you get a planner and write down all your assignment due dates. Then pencil in all the reading you'll need to do for each unit. Once you do this, you'll have a solid study plan and will know what you need to do each day. Makes it easier to break it up into chunks. As long as you stay on top of your assignments & reading, you'll be fine.

    Go for it!
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    Fall 2012 was my last semester of prerequisites. However, the way my school works you have to do bridge courses before you do the actual program (I guess to weed out people). So for Spring 2013 I will be taking:MicrobiologyPathophysiologyConcepts of Professional PracticeHealth AssessmentWish me luck.....
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    Spring semester I’ll be taking:

    -A&P 1
    -English 101 (Online)
    -U.S. History 201(Online)
    -Critical Reading(mini-term)

    I'm super nervous taking A&P 1 because I heard it was a hard class to pass, but hopefully my instructor is great and I’ll study my ass off to make a passing grade.
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    Anatomy (no A&P combined course it's two different classes) w/lab Intro to Chem w/lab and Child development. From talking to other students the Child Dev is a nothing easy A fingerpainting 2 hour a week class so I'm thinking I will be able to handle the two sciences that way lol.
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    Holy cow...our Stats prof for Spring 2013 just e-mailed us and gave us our homework assignments for the first month of class (January). At the end of the e-mail it says "I highly recommend you begin working on your homework assignments during the break." There is an assignment due the very first day of class Looks like there won't be much rest between semesters. And I thought next semester was going to be the "easy" one!