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I just got my reg date for the Spring 2013 semester and I got priority reg because of being in the Honors Program. I now know that I will be able to get into the classes that I was not able to get... Read More

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    I am way too chicken to take 2 science classes at once! Y'all are some brave ladies! I am taking:

    - A&P I
    - Statistics
    - Growth & Development
    - World History

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    I'm taking a&p1, psych life span, statistics for health sciences and ethics lol

    Hope I'll be okay
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    I'm done with all my pre-reqs and won't know if I'm accepted into the program until April. So, I'm working on classes towards the BSN in the mean time. I'm taking the following:

    Chem Lab
    Phlebotomy Externship (1/2 semester, just have to get 125 draws in to get my certification)

    After taking 6 classes this semester, next one will be a breeze
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    College Algebra I
    English II
    A&P I
    Developmental Psych
    US History 1 (required humanities elective)

    Thankfully Chemistry is not a required pre-req for my nursing program, me and chemistry just do not mix together well, lol.
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    Spring 2013:
    -Nursing 139(Human Growth & Development)

    I wish I could take more but I am only allowed those because I need Micro in order to take the 200 level nursing courses.
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    Chelsea...a lot of people (probably OFF the forums) would think we're crazy for taking two science classes. ;P

    I know A&P II is going to be difficult...and if I decide to take CHEM lab....oh gosh, LMAO. I'll be in class literally from 8AM-8PM.

    But we can do it!!!
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    I'm taking:
    A&P 2
    A&P 2 lab
    Pathophysiology 1
    Developmental Psych
    along with two other courses .. one a 300 level language course & an easy intro computer course (program requirement)

    almost finished with micro w/ lab, A&P 1 w/ lab & nutrition along with 300 level language course.
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    This semester I took A and P 1, Microbiology, Human Growth, comp 1, art appreciation, and public speaking . The art appreciation + public speaking we're short term courses so I am done with them. I'm maintaining a passing grade of an A. Many people discouraged me from taking all of these classes at once but I don't regret it at all . Next semester I will be taking a and p 2, comp 2, chem 1, world Civ, and statistics. I am confident I can do it. Little nervous about statistics
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    I will be taking A&P I over, Developmental Psych, Nutrition, and Sociology. Good luck to all! :-)
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    Next semester I'm taking the following courses

    A&P 2
    Chem 101
    Eng 112
    History of Art 101. All of these classes are online.

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