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  1. TrishaJefferson

    Taking 4 Classes On The Same Day

    I just made my schedule for the spring semester. I'm deciding to take all my 4 classes on the same day. My first class starts at 8:00 a.m. and my last class will end at 7:15 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday because of lab. I will consider myself an A and B student who over stressed about everything so I just don't know if this is a good idea for me. I just want opinions, to see if this is crazy for me to do this or if it's doable. My classes are: U.S History 202 (first class) English Composition II Statistics And Inorganic Chemistry (last class) Thanks
  2. TrishaJefferson

    Plans for Spring?

    I will be applying to two adn programs one in February and the other one in March. I also will be taking the teas test in January. But in the Spring I'm plan on taking: Intro to Inorganic Chemistry:banghead: English Composition II U.S History II Elementary Statistics
  3. TrishaJefferson

    What has been your favorite prerequisite?

    I'm loving my A&P II class right now.
  4. TrishaJefferson

    4.0 Challenge!

    A&P II - 87% Micro - 94% Human Growth & Development (online) - 96% Beginning Swimming - A The only class that I'm having trouble with is the swimming class lol. But in my A&P II, we are having quizzes, exam, & lab exam back to back it's a lot of work. I'm not having trouble with micro nor human growth & development they're pretty easy compare to A&P II. I'm most definitely aiming for a 4.0 this semester.
  5. TrishaJefferson

    Is it possible???

    I'm taking A&P II, Micro, & Human Development right now and to be honest it's not bad at all. I'm passing with 2 A's and B so if I can do it I know you won't have no problem. Good luck! I also like A&P II better than A&P I.
  6. TrishaJefferson

    When is your first A&P test?

    I'm taking A&P II and we had our first exam over the nervous system last Wednesday and I made an A (90%). I was so overwhelmed because I thought it was so much material to learn and actually understand it just only in 3 weeks but I got through it. We will have our first lab exam in 2 weeks so I'm already studying my butt off for it.
  7. TrishaJefferson

    When do your fall classes start?

    Next Monday!
  8. TrishaJefferson

    Heads up to all new nursing students:

    Thanks for posting this!
  9. TrishaJefferson

    Fall Classes 2013

    I can't believe fall semester is already coming up, but I'm taking: A&P II General Microbiology Human Development English Composition II I'm nervous and scared taking A&P II with Micro but hopefully I'll make it.
  10. TrishaJefferson

    Anatomy & Microbiology same semester?

    I'm taking Micro and A&P II together this fall too. I'm nervous taking these classes together but I'm going try and make it through.
  11. TrishaJefferson

    My final grades spring'13

    Congrats:) My spring grades were: A&P I - B English 101 - A US History - A General Psychology - A
  12. TrishaJefferson

    Taking A&P II and Microbiology during the same semester

    I'm also thinking about taking A&P II and Microbiology together this fall, but I'm afraid to do so. I heard that A&P II is more about understanding while Micro is a lot of memorization. So, I'm kind of scared talking those two classes together because I'm just now getting my GPA up (3.2) and I don't want to do anything that will make my GPA drop. If I do take the classes together I will also be taking Human Growth & Development and a p.e class, but the good thing is I'll not be working so I think it will be doable. Before I make my decision I will research the instructor as well. [h=1][/h]
  13. TrishaJefferson

    A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    I'm so jealous right now because everyone received an A and I only received a B out of A&P. But I'm proud of that B because A&P was no joke that class was so stressful.
  14. TrishaJefferson

    A&P I Spring 2013

    I'm so happy I'm done with A&P I, next stop will be A&P II. Nervous!
  15. TrishaJefferson

    A&P I Spring 2013

    My A&P 1 class started yesterday and we're going to have a test on Monday.
  16. TrishaJefferson

    A&P I Spring 2013

    Taking A&P I, English 101(Online), Critical Reading, and General Psychology(Online). So nervous about A& P I