So long summer, hello semester..

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    I start school tomorrow, August 19th. Anyone else with me?

    I have to start the semester off bright and early for 7:30 am A&P I Lab, followed by lecture.

    Sad to see the summer go, after all, I didn't even have a summer. -_- Where did it go? Ugh. I'm feeling bitter-sweet about it all. No summer, but one semester closer to applying to nursing school.

    Are you guys ready to start the semester tomorrow?
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    I don't start tomorrow but I start on Thursday, so long summer and hello fall <3 I'm personally excited for the weather change.
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    I start tomorrow as well. I had a whole month off after my 6 week chem class this summer that started at 6:30 in the morning! It took me almost 3 weeks to finally sleep in until 7:30 ugh! Oh well, fall semester here we come!
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    I start next Wednesday (the 28th). It will be my first semester of nursing school. Another semester closer to being an RN! :-)
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    Have my 1st Patho class tomorrow 1-4... then's it's all uphill... even already have our 1st patho quiz next Monday... have to be prepared to hit the ground running.

    best of luck to everyone.
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    I'm in! Starting at 7:30 am with pediatrics! Soo not ready!
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    Where did the summer go :/ I am happy and sad at the same time! My last two semester before I graduate as a RN May 16th I have finally relaxed but there is no more time for that. Time to hit the ground running!!!
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    I start fourth semester on Wednesday, OB/Peds. First day is a math test I have to make a 100. The first half is OB newborn, and the second half is peds. I am so ready for a change of content.
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    I am not ready! Summer went by way too fast! I have Micro and Lab tomorrow, but I am taking 16 credits this semester as well. Definitely not ready for the madness to begin!