So long summer, hello semester..

  1. I start school tomorrow, August 19th. Anyone else with me?

    I have to start the semester off bright and early for 7:30 am A&P I Lab, followed by lecture.

    Sad to see the summer go, after all, I didn't even have a summer. -_- Where did it go? Ugh. I'm feeling bitter-sweet about it all. No summer, but one semester closer to applying to nursing school.

    Are you guys ready to start the semester tomorrow?
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  3. by   Cheripk
    I don't start tomorrow but I start on Thursday, so long summer and hello fall <3 I'm personally excited for the weather change.
  4. by   hardwrkingmama
    I start tomorrow as well. I had a whole month off after my 6 week chem class this summer that started at 6:30 in the morning! It took me almost 3 weeks to finally sleep in until 7:30 ugh! Oh well, fall semester here we come!
  5. by   ambitiousBSN
    I start next Wednesday (the 28th). It will be my first semester of nursing school. Another semester closer to being an RN! :-)
  6. by   203bravo
    Have my 1st Patho class tomorrow 1-4... then's it's all uphill... even already have our 1st patho quiz next Monday... have to be prepared to hit the ground running.

    best of luck to everyone.
  7. by   Julesmama28
    I'm in! Starting at 7:30 am with pediatrics! Soo not ready!
  8. by   Camwill
    Where did the summer go :/ I am happy and sad at the same time! My last two semester before I graduate as a RN May 16th I have finally relaxed but there is no more time for that. Time to hit the ground running!!!
  9. by   mzrainydayz
    I start fourth semester on Wednesday, OB/Peds. First day is a math test I have to make a 100. The first half is OB newborn, and the second half is peds. I am so ready for a change of content.
  10. by   meeep
    I am not ready! Summer went by way too fast! I have Micro and Lab tomorrow, but I am taking 16 credits this semester as well. Definitely not ready for the madness to begin!