should i give transcripts from all schools??

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    When I was fresh out of high school, I enrolled in a community college. Long story short, I withdrew from all the classes, dropped out, and never returned to that school. Young kid mistake.

    I have since graduated with a B.S. from a different, fully accredited college. When I applied to a community college to finish out my nursing prereqs, the admissions office asked for the transcripts from the school I dropped out of. I never told them I went to that school, they just somehow knew...?

    So I'm wondering if that school will show up in my history when I apply for nursing school? I'm scared of all of my "withdraws" hurting my chances of getting in.

    Other than that, my grades at the other school have been excellent. I am almost positive that I'm going to include that school on my application as well. I don't want to appear like I'm trying to hide it. Just looking for thoughts on the matter..

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    Someone not too long ago asked the same question as you. The answer is yes, you have to provide the nursing schools you're applying to ALL your transcripts. The schools I applied to made it clear that if all transcripts were not included, we would be disqualified as an applicant or kicked out of the program if we already have been accepted. I'm not sure how they do it, but they do have ways of finding out the colleges you have attended.
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    I have the same situation pretty much.. That's disheartening if its true. Isn't there usually some sort of gpa forgiveness after 10+ years have gone by? At least for an adn program? Or if it's the Ws on there that stick forever..
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    I don't know I was in school there for less than a month. It shows my GPA as a 0.0, so is that going to counted against me???
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    It may or may not count against you. My school was very forgiving. There was a semester I did really poorly because of stress/depression/rotating schedules, and I still got into the program. They take "improvement" into account, so as long as the worst part was at the beginning and you got serious later you should be okay, also if you do very well on your sciences and nursing prereqs that's more important than having done well in some generic English or something. I don't think somewhere that you were for such a short period of time is going to hurt you, especially since you got a degree somewhere else after that.
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    I definitely advise sending in all your transcripts. I applied to 4 nursing programs & all made it clear that they expect every transcript. I am pretty positive you could be disqualified if you did not & they found out.
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    If you had financial aid, this is one way that they find out.
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    You must include all transcripts even the one from which you withdrew completely. People withdraw for various reasons that don't necessarily have to do with grades. So as long as your BS GPA is good I wouldn't worry about it. "W" almost never count toward your GPA, so I wouldn't take that 0.0 literally.
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    You must disclose all schools you've attended or you can be dismissed. If you truly withdrew before the final withdrawal date, then you should have no GPA vs. a GPA of 0.0, there's a difference. A 0.0 GPA means you earned an F in each course. A W typically does not "count". Look at your transcript. You should see "Credits Attempted" and "Credits Earned". If the "Credits Earned" column is 0.0, then you do not have a GPA from that school.
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    You definitely do have to send transcripts from al schools attended. I had the same situation at my first college.... one bad semester next to 180 credits from a completed bs isnt going to matter all that much.

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