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  1. UNF Summer 2014 BSN hopefuls

    Oh my goodness, this anticipation!
  2. What is the job market like in SOCAL

    I'm a military spouse, not yet a nurse, but soon to be! We may be moving to the Carlsbad, CA area is a year or two. What is the job market like down there, especially for new grads?
  3. applying for multiple licenses

    Thank you for the info LoveMyBugs. I have a better understanding now. I'll also check out the BON websites for each state too.
  4. applying for multiple licenses

    "depends on the state and your other licenses".. can you give me an example, please?
  5. What are the most popular specialties in travel nursing?

    Thanks for your comment, Ned, I think. I get that the most popular positions are the positions that most people don't want to work. Are there any in between? Are you an OR nurse?
  6. What are the most popular specialties in travel nursing? What are some to avoid that aren't as popular? I've heard to avoid psych?
  7. ABSN, LVN, or BSN 3 year Program?

    I think anything over 50k for an ABSN is crazy. If you have the money, then by all means, but if it were me I would not put myself in that kind of debt for a BSN. I did a lot of research in California for ABSN schools. Every school I contacted in Ca...
  8. specialties

    Very helpful, thanks so much!
  9. applying for multiple licenses

    Hi all. I'm a pre-nursing student so bare with me if I don't word this quite right... I'm a resident of FL. I'm considering changing my "home state" to Colorado and moving there. If I want to get an NLC (compact state license) in CO, I can work in a...
  10. ABSN, LVN, or BSN 3 year Program?

    Where do you stand on your prereqs? How many more? Do the schools you're interested in take online classes? You could knock out some of them online...lifespan dev, sociology, and even chem and A&P if you're a person who can do online. A lot of pe...
  11. BA in Psych to ABSN..need some advice!

    Hi! I have a B.S. in psych and have applied to several ABSN programs. I have an ok GPA 3.6 undergrad with 4.0 prereqs. Like I said, I'm still waiting, but I think those stats make me a decent candidate. What does your GPA look like? You said you have...
  12. specialties

    How does it work when picking a specialty? Is this something that you can choose while in nursing school and then attempt to find a job within that specialty? That seems difficult considering how hard it is for nurses, esp new grads, to find jobs now...
  13. What was your favorite topic to study in A&P?

    the heart!
  14. FSU ABSN Fall 2014 applicants

    really 1 to 1.5 weeks? Dang. In another FSU thread someone said they called and the advisor told her they had been sent out this week. time is going so slow!
  15. FSU Accelerated BSN 2014 Applicants

    me too!