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I did not see another thread, so I thought I would start one for fellow students to chat and get support. Anyone else taking A&P I this spring?... Read More

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    Good luck! Make LOTS of note cards and study sheets. Getting a good grade in A&P1 is totally doable!
    Also -- don't let the chapters on the nervous system discourage you. I made my highest score on that exam, but only because I was so paranoid! The insertions and actions for the muscles in lab are also tough. I would study ahead for that.

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    Going to try to crash it! Wish you all luck! I've started to read A&P for dummies and it seems to be helping !
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    I'm taking A&P I as well. I was going to take micro too but decided against it because I just got hired full-time as a CNA and have another part-time job as well
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    Took anatomy and micro in one semester, it was a breeze compared to any semester in the nursing program.
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    I'm taking A&P I in the Spring as well. I have already been studying flash cards and reviewing the text. I'm debating whether or not to take another course with it. I'm going back to school after many years. Also, have teens and a 2 year old at home. I'm looking forward to it but know that I will have to work very hard to get an A.
    I'm a very good student, especially in my area which is psychology/counseling. Made a 3.94 in my Masters program. However, the sheer volume of information in A&P can make it difficult. If you are good at memorization, then you are a step ahead.
    Back in the day (1994) I took A&P and made a D. The Prof was HORRIBLE. The majority of the class failed. He wouldn't even help us in lab when we had a question. Like me "excuse me, I'm having trouble finding X membrane on the cat" Prof "keep looking"

    Good luck to everyone. Let's share our tips and tricks for memorizing all of this bulk. I would recommend the Kaplan flash cards, they are only $15 on Amazon and are high quality.
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    Here also! I'm taking A&P I (traditional) this semester (Spring 2013) along with Stats (online). I'm also already looking over things and familiarizing myself with some of the early material. Since I previously enrolled in this class this past Fall, but dropped it after just one week because of a prerequisite mix-up, I already have all of the powerpoints and class lecture notes for the entire course (Yay!). I'm sure that this will be a tough semester since I work full-time during the day, but I had no choice other than to pair the classes together in order to be ready for my ABSN program which starts in August! I am terrified of Stats, but I'm sure everything will work out fine. Best of luck everyone!
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    Quote from TrishaJefferson
    Taking A&P I, English 101(Online), Critical Reading, and General Psychology(Online).

    So nervous about A& P I
    Don't worry it is not that bad at all just make sure you read and study the lab is just memorization of the bones muscles and other things like that but most teachers will tell you what they want you to know if you read you will do awesome in lecture
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    Quote from stephanne
    I am! dde31 I start January 14th and I'm super nervous lol
    Don't be so nervous I start the program this summer but I am taking classes graduate with my associates in science this spring if you need any help don't hesitate to drop me a line I got a's in all my sciences and other classes reading is key for lecture and Lab is just memorization are you going to hgtc if so some good teachers are professor ***** he is super all you have to study is his notes and you will pass all his tests professor***** an ******** and professor ***** are other good ones the worst so far I have taken is professor ****** but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask
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    Quote from meeep
    Janelly, two sciences at once is definitely a ton of work. I know people who have taken full loads like that successfully, and ones who have not. It all comes down to what else you have going on (if you have a job, children, etc) and how hard you are willing to work. My husband took 4 classes over the summer, 2 of them sciences with labs. I thought he was insane since summer term is only 6 weeks! He hardly ever slept, but still managed to ace his classes. Anything is possible if you are committed!

    I am taking A&P along with World History, Growth and Development, and Statistics. I am considering adding another class since I am not working now, but am still undecided!

    I have started studying a little for A&P, but trying to enjoy the break!
    I took my sciences with only one other class and it was enough but I am a full time mother and worker I got an a in all my sciences I start the program this summer if you are not working you should be fine but if you are it will be rough I am 25 and I only opted for the 2 classes
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    I also have the Kaplan flash cards. They're amazing!!

    Carequeen - I am also taking Stats and am equally terrified! A friend of mine recommended the book "Statistics for people who hate statistics" and it's pretty great. I highly recommend!

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