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  1. A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    Finished A&P1 with a 94% Looking forward to A&P 2 in fall
  2. A&P I Spring 2013

    Hello All! I am also taking A&P this spring and I am very excited and nervous at the same time. Good luck everyone!
  3. How to deal with unsupportive people.

    My husband's family in so many words told me that I wasn't smart enough to become a nurse and especially since I have three children and I am a stay at home mom they just scoffed at the idea. I just finished my first semester of pre-req's with a 4.0...
  4. Introducing dorkus maximus

    I am beside myself right now as I have found others that share in my passion for school supplies! LOL! I love Staples, Office depot and sometimes even Costco has some great deals on packages of ink cartridges. :cheers:
  5. TEAS V Questions

    Hi Everyone! The link to the PDF version of the McGraw-Hill study guide is posted on page 3 of this thread. Just copy and paste it into your browser. Good luck with your studies! -Leslie
  6. TEAS V Questions

    Hi everyone, Just a follow up email to let you know that I have not yet received the PDF. When (if) I do I will try to forward it out to those who have asked for it depending on the copyright laws. I am not sure what this PDF version is exactly but...
  7. TEAS V Questions

    Great advice especially about the youtube videos. I didn't even think of that. Thank you!
  8. My Fight to Answer the Call of Nursing

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I just recently received "the call" into nursing and I have accepted it with fear and trembling! I have three small children and I am going to begin my prerequisites for the nursing program this month! You...
  9. Prep TEAS test

    Hi! I am also new and also studying for the TEAS. :) I have the ATI study guide and I am going to be using the McGraw-Hill Nursing exam book as well. I have heard that the ATI website has practice exams available for purchase that seem to be ve...
  10. ITT Tech nursing?

    Hi! I have never been to ITT Tech but I have heard that their nursing school is not on the list of approved schools that will allow you to take the state boards after graduation. At least that is the case in California. I would check first to make ...
  11. TEAS V Questions

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone can please tell me how much chemistry is on the TEAS? I have the ATI study guide but am curious to know if the information they provide in the book is enough for the exam or if I should look for other supplemen...