Online Anatomy & Physiology?? (accredited!)

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    I am wondering if anyone knows of any online Anatomy & Physiology courses that include a lab?? IF SO, what kind of lab? Do you have to do dissections in your home? Did you have to have the tests proctored? I was hoping to find a school in Illinois or Wisconsin, but anywhere is great! Thank you!

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    OTC ( is a community college in Missouri that has an A&P online course for 4 credits...3 for the class and 1 lab credit. Their school has an LPN program so their AP class was accepted by the nursing school I was accepted into.

    As for the "lab" it was all online. There are diagrams, slides, etc that you have to label but nothing is ever an at-home dissection type deal. They were extremely easy.

    There are 3 lab tests, 3 class tests, and one final. The 3 class tests must be proctored.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
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    I took two online A&P courses at the U of South Florida. The final was live and in-person, but the other tests were online at home. The lab was mostly labeling. No dissections. It was supplementary information for what was learned in lecture. Basically, the class covered the physiology (functions), while the lab covered the anatomy (structures)
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  5. 1 is a Community College in Texas that offers A&P I,II online w/lab. The lab is by computerized cadavers and illustrations with seperate course work from the A&P class work. All tests are online, and are a combination of class and labs. Good luck!
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    Ocean County College, NJ, has A&P I and II totally online:
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    Did you take those classes online? How were they?
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    Colorado Community College offers it. I took A&P 2 through them since the in-person one didn't work out with my work schedule. They send you a kit that includes dissection materials. And yes, that included a full fetal pig. The kit also included full color illustrations of the dissections along with online tools, so you could not dissect and be fine if you wanted. The tests/homework was all online and the lab had separate tests and many lab reports.

    Expensive as heck but convenient.
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    Rio Salado CC (Maricopa CC district) offers t A&P I & II, microbiology online with labs.
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    ^ All those mentioned.

    While the transcript won't say the class was online, some nursing schools MAY be skeptical of those classes offered by a reputable school known for online science courses. It happened to my friend. Just saying.
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    Ocean County College in NJ has A+P I and A+P II completely online. Labs are real labs (disection of cat and brain) etc... 3 credit lector and 1 credit lab. Its a tuff class with alot, I mean alot of busy work but its very doable. I live in Atlanta and just completed A+P I online there with a "B".

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