Anyone know a good online anatomy course (with lab)?

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Hi everyone 🙂 Trying to find a good online anatomy course that has a lab option. I saw one offered by StraighterLine--has anyone taken that? I also was thinking about trying a graduate level one but literally can't find ANY online options. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  🙂

klone, MSN, RN

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Rio Salado college - it's part of the Maricopa community college system (in AZ) so it's legit, not a for-profit. I did all of my science/lab prerequisites to nursing school through them (online) as a mom of preschool-aged children.

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OhMyGoodnessMe, CNA

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Eastern New Mexico University for A&P as well as Micro. Good reputation, regionally accredited. They do allow out of state registration at in state tuition if your unit count is within a certain range. Do your due diligence.

Suggest the student take a really hard look at the requirements for every level of expected education that calls for A&P, one might find that RIO has a challenged reputation for specific courses (in the eyes of admission committees) and a generally accepted fair reputation for many 100 level courses like sociology or psychology. 


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