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I'm 19 years old and I'm currently in my second year of taking classes at a community college. I have always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was in middle school and I can't see myself doing anything else. I just dropped my anatomy class yesterday because I failed a test and my grade dropped down to a C. This is because I just picked up a part time job and I couldn't handle taking full time classes with a job. I'm still enrolled in Chemistry and health but I can't help but feel like a failure. I plan on taking anatomy over the Summer and hopefully passing with an A. The state that I live in, every nursing school is impacted and they turn away straight A students. I can't help but feel like a failure. I still want to be a nurse and I don't want to give up now because I just need 3 more classes and then I can start applying. Just feeling a bit down and discouraged. 


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Don't feel like a failure because you are not! You're far from it , I suffered similar setbacks and got through them. If needed I would write down where I went wrong with Anatomy and focus on finishing strong with the other courses. If you can replace the higher grade I'd definitely go for that.

Anatomy GMC/WyzSci had helped me tremendously!

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I totally get why this feels like a blow! But honestly, I think most of us would have trouble maintaining As in two heavy science classes and working. What’s health class, like nutrition? If so, that is a pretty detailed class as well. 

I’m almost 20 years older than you and working on my pre-reqs. I had wanted to be a nurse and started out in that direction.  But shortly after getting to college, I was so intimidated by the expectations that I took the easy way out.  And here I am all this time later still with nursing in my heart. I had to find the courage. It took me a long time! But to me it sounds like you already have that courage to have made it this far. This is just a small setback for you. You can pull yourself up and succeed in this class over the Summer and move on!  



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I think a lot of people would have to give something up if trying to juggle all of that, so don't feel bad! Chemistry + Anatomy, yikes! It takes time to find a good balance of work and school. Analyze your habits and needs when it comes to studying, and fill in your work schedule around that, if you can. Set aside time to decompress and do things that make you happy. Most people have a rocky start when they begin pre-req classes, because it really does require adjustment from what you're used to. You're not alone. Feeling like a failure is a common step on the road to success.

Your plan to take Anatomy over the Summer sounds like a good one! It'll likely be condensed, requiring a bit more work on your end, but if it's the only class you take and you can devote all your energy to it, I bet you'll do awesome! There are also great resources out there for studying anatomy (online quizzes, Youtube, etc.)


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Yes, competitive. Your grades need to be par. Your grades/classes need to take PRIORITY in your life for the entirety of your nsg curriculum. Make adjustments in your life to make sure that happens if you are able. Otherwise unfortunately, you may not succeed.  Just remember this won't be FOREVER.  Even if it does feel like it.  Take your failures and and look at it another way...as an opportunity to see what your areas of weaknesses are and work to improve on them.  You're only going to get this is if you want it enough, and persevere.  Nsg school is only a precursor, to even harder things to come once you do become a nurse.  None of it is easy. Show yourself and them you are strong,  and got the right stuff to get through school , so you can be the nurse you want to be. ?