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  1. TheNursingdoll

    What pre-req classes should I take together?

    Also too to keep in mind AP and Micro overlap as well 🙂
  2. TheNursingdoll

    TEA's exam

    The TEAS study packet was very helpful for me along with the mometrix TEAS book
  3. TheNursingdoll

    Chemistry / Microbiology

    I'm sure you'll do well 🙂
  4. TheNursingdoll

    Chemistry / Microbiology

    Chemistry. I am currently in Microbiology (retaking it) , but from experience there are like 1 to 2 chapters to where I see math (it literally has to do with the pH fungi may prefer or something relating to generations) and to be honest it is not hard whatsoever. However , since study hall in my cc is connected to both the students whom usually are in Chemistry complain about the math and balancing equations.
  5. TheNursingdoll

    How to Pass the NLN PAX and Curb Testing Anxiety

    Hello 😊 I felt in a way it did prepare me for what was on the test but so did the NLN quizzes. You are tested on other stuff some you will know and some are random. I noticed some errors more so with the science section, which is why I recommend mometrix to supplement science (if it's a weak point). But for the most part I used the red book's CD, the quizzes from the site and the questions from my school's learning express to study!
  6. TheNursingdoll

    2.5 GPA / Advice for Nursing Programs

    good luck in your program ❤️
  7. Have you tried a learning style quiz , I ended up taking that and it helped me a lot. Cornell is usually tricky to be honest.
  8. Hello , I'm in pre-nursing still , I had this problem at first. I wanted to ask , how do you take your notes do you just jot them down or do you follow like a specific note system like outline or Cornell notes? I try to organize my notes and also highlighting is very very helpful when it comes to retaining information along with color coding. Also too do you stack on your pre-reqs as well for sciences?
  9. TheNursingdoll

    2.5 GPA / Advice for Nursing Programs

    Hey 🙂 also too if possible you can do the CNA route , I had a friend with a situation similar to this and I'm considering that route while waiting. I would ask an advisor if I retook certain courses do they consider the higher grade
  10. TheNursingdoll

    2.5 GPA / Advice for Nursing Programs

    Hello, I'm a pre-nursing student 🙂 Is this college one that takes the higher grade over the lowest? Also too have you considered an ADN/ASN program to? I know it's hard but it's gonna take some elbow grease meaning working hard for grades , I believe in you 🙂 Also too I always recommend it but WyzSci and AnatomyGMC are very good for AP
  11. TheNursingdoll

    How do you feel about the TEAS exam?

    Hello , I am redoing my TEAS.. I do agree about the GPA part because there have been some people I know with very high GPAs but low test scores whom haven't gotten into the program. I took both the TEAS and the NLN and I personally feel the TEAS correlates more to what I have learned in pre-reqs more than the NLN. And I do agree it won't matter anymore in the end .. in many ways I see it as added stress. But don't fret , it took me 3 times to get the NLN score I wanted.
  12. Hey , I agree. I felt the only time I really had to buckle down for Developmental Psych was only for the projects , everything else was pretty much easy.
  13. Hello 🙂 , If it were me I'd try to take them separately , I'm a pre-nursing student I actually took both of these classes together (along with another science during the fall) ... they require a lot of work and you'll find yourself focusing more on AP1 which can get harder , especially after you move the first 7 chapters. The thing with Lifespan Growth and Development is like Merlgirlc said is the professor, I had a very easy professor for Lifespan and Growth but will admit she had us doing big projects which sometimes got in the way for studying other classes! If you want to take these classes together just make sure you have a good set of teachers and possibly look into take the psych class online!
  14. TheNursingdoll

    Best TEAS Study Material? Mometrix or...

    Hello 🙂 The ATI study materials, helped a lot! Especially the quizzes
  15. TheNursingdoll

    If I score lower in Math but higher in the other areas...

    Hello 🙂 I'm pre-nursing, so by beat scores I think you mean objectives. If the other scores are high I believe that is so! Also check with an advisor if possible
  16. Thanks 🙂 I plan to do that this semester! I'm gonna retake the courses needed and keep to myself and adopt a more positive mindset to get through the next 3 1/2 months.