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  1. Is Anatomy and Physiology 2 harder or easier than A&P 1?

    AP1 at first was a struggle but AP2 wasn't really so difficult, the only trouble I had was with the cardiovascular system but it was far more interesting than AP1 to me.
  2. Pre nursing student questions?

    I would say just make A's/B's in your prereqs , especially the sciences and the math. I didn't really have much support besides my mother and it took me 3 tries at the NLN. Also, before entering nursing school try to practice vital signs and med admi...
  3. I Passed the NLN Pax exam!

    Congrats ❤️❤️❤️
  4. ATI critical thinking entrance exam

    Hi 🙂 the book I used was the Content Master Series. If possible I can help you search for resources to help you study.
  5. ATI critical thinking entrance exam

    Do you have the ATI Books , like the review ones. It is usually in the fundamentals book.
  6. ATI critical thinking entrance exam

    In my program it was one of the first test that we took. They told us not to study for it but I did with Quizlets. In the ATI booklets they have a chapter dedicated to critical thinking.
  7. Trying to Study Ahead

    It can be a lot to study from tbh. One thing I recommend is possibly learning the skills (taking vitals , catheter care , bed baths ,etc.) I know some schools have a healthcare course or a CNA program that offered this.
  8. Failed the Pax-NLN Math portion TWICE!

    I purchased the pre-tests from the NLN and practiced those religiously and if I chose the right answer and didn't know how I got it right I went to chegg to where someone broke it down. Also buy the red-book , get the CD and also practice those quest...
  9. My living situation while in Nursing school

    It's common and at least you help your parents out as much as you can. Some people in my cohort live with roommates or their parents and they are okay with it. Heck , I live with my parents and I'm in the same situation (school , saving up). The good...
  10. I'm very sorry that you are going through that 😞 , sadly sometimes the people closet to you can be your worst enemies , you mother seems to be a narc and jealous of you . I have went through something like this with some of my family. The best thing ...
  11. TEAS TEST!

    NP ❤️ I wish you well on your nursing journey
  12. TEAS TEST!

    I guess what they mean is like maybe you'll be reading a lot. I've taken the TEAS and scored well but they put more emphasis in the science and then math. Reading it again I believe they are talking about being able to read things effectively and eff...
  13. TEAS TEST!

    To be honest I've never heard of this before but I can understand where they are coming from. My current school implements more on the math/science side of things.
  14. ASN and BSN pre req

    my friend told me intrapersonal communication is an easy course along with medical terminology.
  15. Can I get into a nursing program with W's?

    hello, I'm in pre-nursing and awaiting a program, and that's a great science GPA! as for whether a school takes you, I think you may need to talk to your advisor/admissions office. in school's where I'm at they usually count the highest grade fo...

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