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  1. Hi everyone 🙂 Trying to find a good online anatomy course that has a lab option. I saw one offered by StraighterLine--has anyone taken that? I also was thinking about trying a graduate level one but literally can't find ANY online options. Any sugges...
  2. UCSF Nurse Residency Program Oct. 2021

    Hi Kelly! I applied to CBON over 12 weeks ago and I still haven't gotten my ATT. When did you apply?
  3. lucile packard fall 2021 new grad

    Oh wow! I drove down to Sac about 4 weeks ago and was told I would have my ATT in 3-5 days, but it never came. Did they tell her it would be coming soon or did they actually send the ATT out to her while she was there? (Sorry hope that makes sense ha...
  4. lucile packard fall 2021 new grad

    OK I have a kind of unrelated question LOL! Does anyone know if you can apply for a temporary license if you don't have your ATT yet? IDK if anyone else has been struggling with CBON, but I'm on week 12 since I applied and still haven't gotten it. LP...
  5. lucile packard fall 2021 new grad

    Did they mention a second interview during your panel interview? I interviewed for CVICU and I don't remember anyone saying anything about a second interview
  6. lucile packard fall 2021 new grad

    Hey everyone! I interviewed for the CVICU a couple weeks ago, but I didn't realize that they may be conducting second interviews until I saw this thread. One of the panelists said we should expect to hear back by the week of August 9, and I assumed t...
  7. Scripps 2021 Fall New Grad Program

    It just says under "status"
  8. Scripps 2021 Fall New Grad Program

    I just checked, and it says "Job closed". Does that mean if we haven't heard anything since the video interview, that we didn't get it?
  9. I Have No Sense of Direction

    How about something totally different? Like peds or L&D or ICU?
  10. Externship preceptor

    It's a shame that some people feel the need to put others down to compensate for their lack of self-esteem. I'm so sorry this happened to you! Everyone is new at one point, and shouldn't penalize new grads for not knowing how everything works at firs...
  11. Lurie Children’s Nurse Residency 2021

    I haven't heard anything either. Is it for sure over? Also has anyone's status changed? I hate it when hospitals leave you hanging LOL
  12. CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    Does anyone know how long you have to complete the video interview once you receive the invitation?
  13. Lurie Children’s Nurse Residency 2021

    Thank you!! And that's awesome ?How long have you been working there?
  14. Scripps 2021 Fall New Grad Program

    Does anyone know if you are able to do the on demand interview partially and then come back to it? Or does it have to be all at once
  15. Did anyone else apply to the intermediate step down unit? I haven't heard anything and I think they stop reviewing apps on the 25th