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  1. I'm wondering if there are others such as myself who have decided to change careers and gone back to school to pursue a nursing degree. I am 50 years old and have always wanted to be a nurse, but married and had a family instead. No regrets, I am taking my last pre-req course for an ADN, I am nervous about moving forward because I think I will be the oldest person in Nursing class. :-) Thoughts????
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  3. by   Getting To Great
    You are not the only one...I know of a women who is a wife, mother, grandmother and a homemaker who completed an ADN program, passed the exam on the first try and is now working at Telemetry floor at a hospital in Florida. If I didn't know her, I would have thought she had years of experience; and she seems very happy with so much energy. Go for it.
  4. by   dedicated_2b_RN
    I am an over 50 student also i have just accepted a job to train as a hemodialysis tech my friend who is a Hemodialysis RN
    helped me to get this position He said it would be a very good thing for me to do while also taking pre reqs for RN school i will say this no one at the dialysis facility seemed to be concerned with my age i believe my willingness to learn and a positive attitude
    toward the healthcare profession is what got me the job it didnt seem to matter wheather i was 25 or 55
    so if you have a positive attitude and are eager and willing to learn you will do just fine
  5. by   violetgirl
    Yes, I am one too! Good for you for going after your dreams!!! I am 46 years old with

    grown sons, and have a grandgirl to boot...

    So, why not? The time is going to pass us by anyway so why not go for it? At our age/or at

    any age we need this bite of a challenge to keep our smart minds flowing, right? So, if

    fear is nagging you and holding you back right now, that can be a good thing! Most of

    us have felt this way, heck I feel this way everyday, but it's what I have to do for now and

    give it my very best shot.

    I think we have a lot to offer in nursing; compassion, strong work ethics, humor, team-work,

    insightness (details) we can't help it, can see drama coming a mile away, able to find

    solutions (oh, our creative minds work wonders) and of course... have been a

    round the block few times to get it!!!! Job wise that is... So, welcome aboard future

    nursing student!!! Stay positive, research your classes, colleges, and be aware of the "dream

    -stealers!" Just follow your heart and the "books" will open up!!!

    Many blessings your way~
  6. by   HouTx
    Kudos to everyone who is courageous enough to make such a commitment at a time when most people are trying to wind down!

    I just want to interject a bit of caution - Nursing (patient care in general) is very physical and will be extremely difficult if you have any limitations in physical ability or problems with stamina. I always encourage 'seasoned' would-be nurses to try to get themselves into the best physical shape possible. If you've kinda let yourself go, now is the time to do a 180 & make some changes. Lose the excess weight, take the pile of clothes off that treadmill and use it & begin some strength training.

    I know of several nurses who are well over traditional retirement age and are still working in hospital settings, granted that most are working in roles that are less taxing, but one just turned 80, and is working as a relief night house supervisor for a very large hospital. She's in amazing shape and still able to cope with 12 hours on her feet! Another plus -- physicians never get 'lippy' with her, so she can run a very tight ship - LOL.

    Congratulations to everyone, and best wishes for success.
  7. by   violetgirl
    I myself run around 34 kids in a classroom and that is only 5% of the work!

    Over weight? I know of some awesome nurses who think they are,

    but that didn't stop them from following their dreams! Yes, you are right about the

    demands, but positive comments are more soothing to the heart...

    So, sande8312 please go for it or least try!!! Our last nursing program had a 58

    year old gal in the class... A top student to boot! I just heard she now works in ICU.

    Keep focus, stay healthy, and stay positive!

    May you always be encouraged to become a nurse!
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  8. by   sande8312
    Wow, thank you to all who commented on this post. The encouragement means so much to me. It is just the boost I needed to continue on my journey. Violetgirl, I love your attitude...you are so right in your depiction of who we (older women) have grown to be. I know I can do this and have as good a chance as anyone. Fortunately I have taken good care of myself, I am petite, not overweight, and have been mistaken to be my daughter's sister; she is 31.LOL! I do not have any ailments, I eat decent and exercise daily. So I do not think I have any physical hindrances, my issue is fear of the unknown, but you women have helped me to recognize that all I have to fear is fear itself. Thank you all so much! Dedicated_2b_RN, good luck in all your endeavors. We Rock!!!
  9. by   GoodnessFlows

    I am 42 and working through my pre-reqs. Please know you are an inspiration to me. It is the women/men just above me in age working their pre-reqs, OR in nursing school that inspire me most! Please give pushing forward, and know there are others that admire your bravery, strength, and sheer determination!
  10. by   darmor11
    Well said GoodnessFlows!!! I am 42 and working on the last of my pre-reqs.. Everyone that commented on this is an inspiration to me!! Thanks!
  11. by   Graduation2016
    Me too! I'm 41 and completing my general classes towards a BSN. Will be starting my NUSR classes in the fall and from there it'll take 2 years. I will be 44 when I finish, but considering I still have about 30 more years to work, it'll be great! I am an OB Scrub Tech now and work only 2 nights a week so that helps!
  12. by   GoodnessFlows

    So nice to meet another 42 year old here! Yes, the others that commented were very positive. I also appreciate the advice about staying physically healthy. It is a good reminder. I've noticed I have put my working out on the back burner as of late, because I'm focusing so much on school.

    I have 2 kids, one in elementary and one in middle school. I gave up my career years ago to be home, and I'm in the re-invention stage. I've always known I wanted to be a nurse, but never quite believed I could do it. We experienced a health scare with my hubby this past year, and it helped validate my desire to pursue nursing and inspired me as well. Hope to follow your progress. Good luck!
  13. by   GoodnessFlows
    Hello mom2banurse! I LOVE it! We will be about the same age when we finish up. My son will start highschool in 3 years, and my daughter is right behind him. Are you ladies super excited about where you are in your lives right now? I am honestly the happiest I've been in awhile. I love being a full time Mom, and pursuing my education feels amazing! My kiddies are totally inspired too.
  14. by   melanie1908
    Quote from sande8312
    I'm wondering if there are others such as myself who have decided to change careers and gone back to school to pursue a nursing degree. I am 50 years old and have always wanted to be a nurse, but married and had a family instead. No regrets, I am taking my last pre-req course for an ADN, I am nervous about moving forward because I think I will be the oldest person in Nursing class. :-) Thoughts????
    Thanks for posting this comment. At times, I have felt like I was alone in these same feelings. I turned 40 y/o this year and I'm married with children. I left the classroom after 15 years to return to my passion. I stepped out on faith, quit my job, and my husband is supporting us. I was blessed to get a scholarship and I'm working hard to keep it. It hasn't been easy being an older student in class. I remember the first week, one of the teenaged students commented on why older students were just now going to school. She said it as if the 15 or so older students were lazy and just decided to get out and do something with our lives. I was sitting there and I jumped in. First off, they were shocked to know I was 40; I've been told I look 20ish. Then, when I told them I have a B.S. and M.S. in biology, their jaws dropped. It has been competitive. . .mostly with myself. I'm determined to graduate with honors. We can make it! Hats off to the over 20's!!!!