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My personal opinion on taking classes that really do not have anything to do with nursing suck. If they focased on the nursing and passing boards maybe the pass rate for yhe nclex would be better. Are you going to be a... Read More

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    Quote from runsalot

    I know of some professors that would disagree that college student know how to write. High school teaches you to write at a high school level. Not college.
    I come from a family of highly educated individuals but you are probably right Not everyone does but nursing I
    Have been in medical field 25 years yes it is need. I have instructor friends that agree
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    I do agree some what ,but you do not need 3-4 college classes of are probably right tho not everyone knows how to write . I come a background of everyone in my family has two college degrees.
    Godd luck with your goals I am 43 and still want to continue taking classes towards my Np.
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    I was thinking this exact same thing at the beginning of this semester when I began my pre req math class. Then as time went on and the teacher started marking me and others off for what seemed to be minute, unimportant mistakes.

    I realized one day this is making me become a precise, observant student and hopefully nurse one day. It made me realize the classes are for more than the face value but perhaps for how they affect the neurological circuitry in our brains.
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    I've actually learned a lot from my gen ed gives you good critical thinking skills which will be very helpful in nursing school. You have to look at it that way or else you will think its stupid. To get a bachelors degree, there is a standard that is upheld so that everyone has an equal baseline education before they start their major course work. So really the schools can't control that at all. And I think that everyone should take gen ed classes.
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    I'm hoping you are interested in getting an education, not just piece of paper. Gen'l Ed classes teach to think abstractly and process info in an [hopefully] unbiased way. IMO, that is the beginning of "critical thinking skills", which is essential in nursing. Basic and advanced science classes-you really can't get enough of them, I don't think. As you're working equations in Chemistry, learning the Citric-acid cycle for the umpty-zillionth time, don't forget that the same processes are taking place in your own and your pts body--understand them, and you will understand what's going wrong or right w/your patient.

    Be a little more patient-you may be taking care of me someday.
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    "process info in an [hopefully] unbiased way"

    Seriously? At least you left the "hopefully" part in. This term I have sociology taught by a feminist and human development taught by a prof who recommends everyone try multiple partners before marriage. About par for the course for gen ed classes.
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    Quote from Saysfaa
    "process info in an [hopefully] unbiased way"

    Seriously? At least you left the "hopefully" part in. This term I have sociology taught by a feminist and human development taught by a prof who recommends everyone try multiple partners before marriage. About par for the course for gen ed classes.
    And now when you have patients like your sociology prof and human development prof you will be able to relate to them more. Relate does not mean learn to think like them but understand why they might think that way.
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    Quote from Mschwab316
    Thank you for your jab at my bad day, BTW I'm a former military medic, and have put alot of hours and hard work into my health career. Hospital, battlefield, the street. I have worked over 300 codes, intubated , well need I say more. Maybe I don't have your class time right now but you will never be a pimple on my a** when it comes to my acomplishments and I'm not done. Have a nice day!!!!
    So you cut her down because she made a valid point? A point I agree with, BTW. Yeah- I don't see it necessary to have taken everything I've had to take, but in hindsight I'm a better person today for them. Also, if you would've paid more attention in English class instead of complaining about it you wouldn't have spelled FOCASED in stead of focused.

    Your attitude toward constructive communication will make you an awesome nurse btw. :-/ Can't wait to read a post from you about how your clinical teacher chewed you a new one after you told her she'd never be a pimple on your butt when she asked you how insulin worked and you couldn't tell her because you thought chemistry was laaaaame.
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    Quote from HeatherMax
    Theater 101 was a waste, not sure why I needed a "fine art".
    Because one day Brad Pitt might come to your floor and y'all can have something to chat about. :-)
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    Cultural Anthropology: I understand cultural differences and can better empathize. Sociology: I took Race and Ethnic relations, I better understand other races and their struggles. English, and Critical Thinking: I can write a paper at a college level, super helpful if I go into upper management or research nursing. Chemistry: um I'm going to use conversion factors for dosage calcs one day I'm pretty damn sure. Fine Arts: I took American Sign so yeah that may turn up handy. Speech: I can make a presentation. History: I am now an educated adult, bonus! Math: yeah I am darn sure I'm going to need math as a nurse. All my Bio Sciences: I don't need to even get into why these are important!
    Bottom line, they show dedication to a goal, and I think dedicated nurses are what's needed, don't you?
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