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Most Challenging Prereq?

  1. 0 Hi All! What has been the most challenging prereq and do you have any tips to prepare? Was it Bio? Chem? Anatomy? Physiology?
    So far, its been general chemistry
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    Micro....and no, no tips other then hang in there...its rough
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    A&P 1 for me, and it isn't the content, just the amount that must be learned in such a short period of time.
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    Quote from Wannabeeinscrubs
    A&P 1 for me, and it isn't the content, just the amount that must be learned in such a short period of time.
    Same here, because I took it in the short summer session (five weeks). Brutal. Got a C. But then I decided to do A & P II in a regular session and got an A.
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    A&P 1 aaaack! Don't take it in the summer! It's just such a large amount of information, and it's your basis for every other science pre-req.
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    Loved A&P, Chemistry, and Microbiology. Must say the toughest was microbiology. Took it during the summer, along with an additional class, it was a 5-6 hour course. Got out of night class sometimes at 10:30 pm.
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    Even though I loved it, A&P was the hardest. It was actually the first class that I took and is the basis for all of your nursing classes, so there is a ton of information to learn. I studied everyday for hours.
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    Physiology. My school has separate Anatomy and Physiology classes so we had all physiology content in one class. It was the hardest A I ever had to earn
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    It was definitely Chem? Can't even say the whole name, bad flash backs!!!!
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    Ap2 because our instructor had extremely high expectations. I'm thankful though as I learned a ton! Chem is hard in a different way for sure.
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    Math... all maths. Mostly because I found them so boring.
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    Chem. Mainly because I found it boring. Sadly, even Organic Chem was more interesting that Gen Chem! (I have a previous BS in Biology with a minor in Chem so I have taken a lot of Chem. Currently working on a BSN). It was hard for me to want to study for something I found so uninteresting. Hopefully you won't be like me in that way! I was able to pull off a B though. Some of the Bio pre-reqs are challenging, but at least I found them interesting. Much easier to study for something when you have a genuine interest in the subject. I have always loved Biology.
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    Pharmacology was the toughest pre-req for me. The volume of reading plus quizzes & med math minimums of 90% or better made it a challenge. I was taking 17 credits that semester and Pharm ate up the majority of my time.

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