Microbiology Fall 2013!!!

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    Are you all ready!!? I am super nervous so I wanted to create a thread for support!!

    In my nervousness I bought some additional supplies which I hope helps! I got this for Micro Lab

    It was recommended by my school and the reviews are great.

    I also got the study guide the goes along with my text book.


    I hope this helps!! I'm going full time this semester but I will be studying my micro every single day/night!
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    Good luck!

    I took that about 2 years ago. Now, I finished all my pre-reqs now.

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    I took Micro last fall and it was an interesting and fun course. I hope you enjoy it! Do well
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    Good Luck with Micro. I had an exceptional instructor for my micro lab class that I ended up loving the subject. It'll be quite some ride learning all those microorganisms, keep at it, :P.
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    Taking that and AP 2 right now!! Good luck!
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    I started last week and was nervous, then I met my professor and now I'm super excited! She is so passionate about the subject that she wants everyone to understand and pass her class.
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    I'm ready. I withdrew from Micro in the Summer, however her I am again retaking it in the fall. Praying that I'll make it through.
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    *raises my hand* I'm taking micro this semester too!!! God help us all...but I heard it's a fun/interesting subject so that worries me less. We can do this guys!
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    I am also taking micro this fall. So far, it is super interesting and I am excited for the semester!
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    I took micro a year ago and I absolutely loved it-- especially lab!!!! It's very interesting and that made it really easy for me, because I payed attention in class. Good luck with all the classes you are taking!
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